Summer Updates

I know that everyone is still very much on summer vacation mode so I just wanted to pop in with a quick summer update:

Speaking and Summer Vacation

I am joining my mentor in Dallas to help him with a fabulous workshop.  The dates are August 23/24th.  The venue is Parker University which is my alma mater. There will definitely be a few goose bumps and maybe a tear as I go through the gates. Even after all this time I am still emotional when I remember the Dean calling my name to accept my Doctorate.

From there my hubby and I will d a road trip through Texas Hill Country and on to downtown Austin.  I will be out of office from Friday August 23rd till  Tuesday September 3rd.

Press Pause

A little reminder to “press pause”.  We all need a little alone time for our minds to wander and engage the creative parts of our brains.  A pause allows us to ignite the spark for new ideas, strategize about what to do and reveal solutions.  It could be a nice long bath, a run, a walk, meditation, or a yoga class.  Whatever you decide to do press pause a few times a week.

CBD and the Endocanabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system (a.k.a. ECS) is our body’s vast network of chemical compounds and receptors which intersect the brain, organs, glands, connective tissues, and immunity cells all for the purpose of coordination and communication.
Sounds important, right? Think of it as the bridge between your mind and body.
And just like when you take supplements to aid in other normal bodily functions like probiotics for digestion or melatonin for sleep, you can supplement your ECS using phytocannabinoids, which are found in the cannabis plant.

We have a new CBD product that I love.  It is a roll on with a hint of mint.  It is great for those hard to reach places and does not leave a stick residue.  If you would like one text me and I will set one aside for pick up.

New Season Purification

If you have a little too much fun over the summer and would like press the reset button ( longer than a pause LOL ) We will be offering our P21 and P10 Purification programs.  For more information  or you can text me.  This is a prefect time to prepare for the changing of the seasons.

Have a Healthy and Happy week

Dr Pia