We are so excited to be Introducing our New Corporate Wellness Program! 

This is what our first client had to say: 

“I was referred to Dr. Pia Martin almost a year ago after I sustained a back injury and was unsuccessfully treated by other chiropractors who seemed to make my injury worse. Initially I was a little skeptical because of my previous experience however that was quickly changed on my first consult. Dr. Pia purposely took the time to fully understand what was going on and took a ‘whole person’ approach to treating me. She addressed my symptoms but also got to the root of the problem. We discovered that not only was the chiropractic treatment working but more importantly her diet and nutrition recommendations eliminated many underlying problems I was having. More than two years ago my medical Dr. diagnosed me with high blood pressure which was causing heart palpitations, he put me on a regiment of blood pressure medication which I quickly discarded because I was not willing to take medication like that at the age of 29. Through Dr. Pia we discovered I was gluten intolerant which was causing my heart palpitations, since cutting gluten from my diet I have no symptoms and blood pressure has dropped. 

Thanks to my personal experience and success with Dr. Pia, we are now very excited to have implemented a wellness program in our company, offering our employees the opportunity work with Dr Pia, promoting a happy, healthy work environment. 

I highly recommend not only working with Dr. Pia personally but, if you are a business owner or executive, seriously considering working with Dr. Pia to implement a similar wellness program in your company.” 

To learn how you can offer this program to your employees: Call us 214 8696404 or Email drpiamartin@gmail.com