The Healing Power of Nature

The first thing I do after a long day inside treating patients is to get outside in the fresh air.  I  take big deep breaths and  relax in my little garden where I can watch the sunset.  I can just feel my whole body let go and say thank you! This is the healing power of nature.  Being in Nature helps us detoxify from the inside air we breath, the EMF”s from our screens and allows us to relax and reset.

Sometimes the best medicine is free. These days, a growing number of doctors, researchers, and community groups are prescribing  the healing touch of nature to those who need it most.

A need for park prescriptions.

We can all agree that spending more time outside is  beneficial for our health.  However not many of us are  doing it. The Nature of Americans Study, which polled 12,000 people in the U.S., found that the majority of adults and children recognize that getting outdoors is enjoyable and beneficial. However, the average American still spends up to 93 percent of the day inside. Respondents commonly listed competing priorities, limited time, and a lack of access to “authentic nature” (aka National Parks or other unspoiled ecosystems) as factors keeping them behind closed doors.

Earlier this year, a study in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research debunked the idea that nature is only restorative if you’re getting it in huge doses. The study set people loose in urban parks that were only partially covered with natural vegetation and found that as little as 20 minutes in these spaces was enough to help people feel less stressed and more satisfied.

This week we celebrate earth week, however we should celebrate every day and get outside often.  We need it and our kids need it.

Have a great week Dr Pia