Maximize Defenses: Minimize Exposure

Maximize Defenses: Minimize Exposure:

Risks and Rewards: What can I do now that will prepare me and my family for the future? These times are uncertain that is for sure.  I bet we can all look back and say  “this is not what we had planned for 2020.”

Unfortunately a lot of us are thinking WAY too  SHORT TERM. This way of life, this way of being will be over in a handful of weeks and then we can go back to normal.  What ever that looked like.

We are “waiting” for better times without realizing the power of THIS moment.

The pandemic is scary. People are losing jobs, businesses, dreams and relationships during this pandemic. The emotional contagion has gone from FEAR to emotionally  STUCK for many of us.

There is a deep malaise, a sadness in the spirit of humanity.

It does not have to be that way.

Resilience: Maximize Defenses: Minimize Exposure

More than ever we need a sustainable body and mind that can adapt to change and bounce back.

We need to invest in being Strong, staying Strong and helping others be Strong.

We need to be Brave and we CAN be prepared.

How we live our lives has the ability to change our Physiology. The choices we make, the food we eat, our thoughts, the things we watch and read are all nutrition in my book.

When life is about avoiding the bad and collecting the good (and more for you means less for me), then the driving force is fear. Hopefully we can all agree that acting from fear – from a story we tell ourselves about what is happening that inspires urgent short-sighted action – is never as powerful as acting from strength let alone from love.

Good Choices can help us be prepared so we do not live if constant FEAR or as we talked about earlier the sadness and the BLUES.

I know many of you have sat down as a family and discussed at length about how you can navigate the Fall season and all that it could bring.  It is a lot.. Right.

Being prepared Immuologically will help you cope  and navigate this turbulent time.

We need to feel some peace and calm.  Stress for too long increases the viral burden on the body and therefore the ability to fight off viruses. I am here just reminding you of what you already know 😀

How to Maximize Defenses and Minimize Exposure

Here is my Preparation Formula to support Immunological Strength.

This is the base and should be cut in half for kids under 12.

Cataplex D  3 per day.

Immuplex 2 per day

Thymex   2 per day

Epi-Immune  2 per day

Viranon  2 per day

These nutritional supplements and products are made using whole food, plant based ingredients and are supported with scientifically based evidence. This wholistic approach ensures the deliver high-quality, nutrient-dense solutions for optimal outcomes.

If you need additional support I have an earlier article that could be helpful

I mention the above because the quality of what you take is important. You will need to have my code if you do not have an account set up:  It is Patient Direct Code: W8MJSC

As always I am here for you and available for virtual consultations. If you have questions and concerns please feel free to reach out.  My blogs come from a place of deep caring for humanity and the collective spirit.

have a healthy week … Look out.. next week we will discuss Vaccines😳

Dr Pia