Your Resilience Tool Kit

Your Resilience Tool Kit!

Like most of you I am a little …well not exactly a little, a lot disappointed by the set backs that have occurred this past week 10/days.  I am not surprised though.  When we first heard the news about this Retro Virus from China, I thought  that we ( the collective we ) would jump at the idea that we need to take better care of our health and wellbeing. Well… it didn’t go exactly go like that did it??

Now I would like to suggest that it is time to for us to take control and responsibility of our own  health.

We’re at a pivotal moment in wellness, a pivotal moment in the world. Now, more than ever, the world needs people to be their healthiest selves. I know we can all help each other do that.

Most of the current information we have suggests that we lower our personal risk score and we improve our overall health.

I don’t want us to all go back to normal… No,  I want for us all to be better and different than before.


You know that I believe that everything we take in whether it is food, sleep, water, energy, exercise, see, read, hear is Nutrition.  My hope is that we all, myself included find ways to be better at nourishing ourselves.

When we look back at this chaotic time we see that a kinder, stronger, healthier and more compassionate, humanity has emerged.

So where do we start?  We start where you are. TODAY by improving your Resilience

That means we have to take inventory of  all aspects of your ‘NUTRITION’ and consciously make an effort to make better choices.  I am here to serve, empower and help you along the way with this if you would like.

For Now: I know y’all want a place to start, Right?

Here is a quick start suggestions for improving your micronutrient content and your overall health.

BTW. Most humans are 90% deficient in the basics due to out to lack of nutrient diversity, a lack of hydration, poor diet and stress.

These suggestions are designed to help you improve your resilience and help support the immune system so it can do it’s job as intended. They are to fill in the gaps while you work on some of the other important aspects of your NUTRITION😀.


Everyday Essentials : Low RISK

  1. Vitamin D, Omega 3 Fats, Vitamin A and C, Digestive Enzymes, and Adrenal packets or Hemp oil.

Immune Essentials : Immune Compromised/Auto Immune Disease

  1. Vitamin D, Immunplex, Glutathione, Methylated B vitamins, Trace Minerals B12, Magnesium, EPA/DHA Fats, Ashwaganda or Hemp Oil, Digestive Enzymes, plus support for your particular condition

Resilience Essentials : High Risk/Chronic Health Challenges

  1. Vitamin D, Immunplex, Glutathione, Vitamin A and C, Methylated B vitamins, Trace Minerals B12, Magnesium, EPA/DHA Fats, Ashwaganda, Digestive Enzymes, Milk Thistle for the Liver  plus support for your particular condition.

You can find the above mentioned whole food supplements at 

You will need to have my code if you do not have an account set up:  It is Patient Direct Code: W8MJSC

The suggestions above are made as a general rule to support your resilience and reduce risk for immune challenges. If you have questions about your particular needs I am available for Virtual Zoom Consults.

You can book online or sent me an email.

So let’s maximize our defenses and see everything we take in as nutrition and make an effort to be more conscious about all our choices.

Let’s reconnect with Nature, because as humans we are Nature. Then we should aim to move slowly to a new way of being

Have a healthy week

Dr Pia