How to Support Allergies Naturally

How to Support Allergies Naturally

Since moving away from the ocean and to Austin Texas where the weather and the foliage is completely different I have to say I do notice the difference.  My Immune system is getting exposed to a lot of new things.  I had never heard of Cedar Fever before 😳.  So what I found is when the weather/ season changes  I take Antronex from SP which supports the Phase II Detox pathways in the Liver for a few days and I am good!!!  I take one per hour.. for a about 3-4 days incase you were wondering.

The Alarming Statistics on Allergies

  • According to the CDC:
  • 19.2 million adults have been diagnosed with hay fever in thepast 12 months.
  • 12 million office visits with allergic rhinitis as the primary diagnosis
  • 3 million office visits with contact dermatitis or other eczema as the primary diagnosis

Children with Allergies

  • Past 12 months:
  • 5.2 million – hay fever
  • 7.1 million – respiratory allergies
  • 4.8 million – food allergies
  • 9.2 million – skin allergies.

How is this ok? and what are the solutions?

A quick review of what happens to your body

• During an allergic response, the immune system releases
antibodies to try to stop the trigger.
• Cells (mast cells) produce histamine in response to cause blood vessel to expand along with other chemicals in the body…this is what can trigger the allergy symptoms.
• Histamine is part of an immune response as well as the inflammatory response.

• Type 1: Immediate hypersensitivity; IgE
• Ex: local and systemic, seasonal hay fever, food and drug allergies, anaphylaxis
• Type 2: Cytotoxic – antibody dependent; IgG or IgM
• Type 3: Immune Complex; IgG and IgM
• Type 4: Cell-mediated (delayed hypersensitivity); soluble or cell bound antigen•

Can you do a food elimination diet to uncover dietary triggers?

Yes, this type Diet is still the gold standard for delayed immune reactions like gas, bloating, itchy skin, swelling, brain fog, stiff joints, etc etc.. If you are asking me I would say go for it and eliminate the top know food allergens for 7-10 days.  Then I suggest you add in one food group at a time and wait 2-3 days to see if you get a reaction. If yes then you know.  Wait for the body to calm down then add in another food group… and so on..

• Typical culprits are dairy, corn, gluten, eggs, seafood, peanuts/nuts, soy, chocolate, coffee.
• I also recommend keeping sugar low!!
• Drink plenty of water!

A Simple Cheat Sheet to Support Allergies Naturally

These are some of my go to products from my favorite whole food supplement company, Standard Process and Mediherb.. If you have a Patient Direct account you can order via your link or you can order from my standard process website. 

Sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes

• Allergco • Albizia Complex• Black Cumin Seed Forte

• Sinus congestion and infections/mold exposure

• Sinus Forte

• Hives

• Antronex

• Asthma

• PulmaCo (Primary support)• Black Cumin Seed Forte• Allergic or Albizia Complex

If you react to a lot of things often, then there is a good chance that you are immune compromised and could use more in depth support to uncover the culprits and heal. Everyone is unique and we are the sum of our exposures, Mentally,           (STRESS) Physically, Nutritionally, Environmentally etc ..

If you would like support in person then I am happy to say that I am open for biz in Cedar Park/ Leander area.  Book online at