Healthy Hydration

Healthy hydration is more complicated than drinking two liters of water a day!

Hydration is about the water you hold in your body and it does not always equate to what you drink.
Many of my patients drink plenty of water however they also are frequently running to bathroom to pee. That means that the water they drink is essentially passing straight through, leaving them dehydrated.

One of the solutions to good hydration is to eat your water. Water that is eaten goes towards replenishing cellular water essential to the skin aging process and general wellness. For example a cucumber has 97% water content. eating a third of a cucumber (try adding it to your smoothie) is virtually the same as drinking a glass of water but better. Another shameless plug form me that everyone needs to eat more Veggies.


CUCUMBERS: 97% water and also contain silica, Vitamin C and Folic Acid

POMERGRANATES: 82% water and contain antioxidants and polyphenols

AVOCADOS: 82% water and contain potassium, fiber and oleic acid.(good fat)

BROCCOLI AND SPINACH: 92% water and contain alpha lipoid acid an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

APRICOTS AND MANGOES: 86% water and high in Vitamin A.

Another solution is to add a little Celtic sea salt to one of your meals.

So how to fine tune your body’s fluid balance?

It is a basic test but easy and the best one.
If your urine is very dark you are dehydrated if it is clear then you could drink a little less. (NOTE:if your urine is clear and you are thirsty then it is possible you are having blood sugar challenges, so talk to me about that) Your urine should be pale straw color.