Unfortunately about 96% of the population has one or more food allergies or sensitivities. The net result can be simple water retention where people are bloated or constipated from the food reaction to major health problems being created.
There are lab testing available to determine a person’s food allergy/sensitivities however this test can come back different every time it is done. The “Gold Standard” in pinpointing food problems is to do an elimination diet and thereafter re-introduce the main food allergens to see what kind of reactions take place.
In this way not only is it most accurate but people see what happens to them when these foods create problems for them. In this way they can decide if the food item should be minimized or totally eliminated from their diet.This is why food issues need to also be addressed when practitioners want to address the root cause of people’s symptoms as many times their affect on health can be very serious. 
Our Purification Program addresses these issues and we work with you to help you reintroduce different food groups so you can learn which foods affect you.