Flow with Nature

Many of my clients and Facebook fans have been asking me if a Purification Program or Nutritional Reset or Detox Program is a good idea with the change of seasons.

And I said YES !!!
This is one of the absolute best times of the year to do it, so it’s much more than just a “good idea.”Resetting or cleansing your body nutritionally and emotionally is a perfect way to flow with nature and the seasons and get in balance with yourself and your environment. The season is changing and so will your body and thus, your mind.
Although many people may stick to the same diet all year round, nature is speaking to us with each and every harvest. We need to perk up our ears (and tummies) and listen! Our nutritional cycle in nature is an annual cycle (we go through three seasons). It actually takes an entire year for all of our nutritional needs to be met.

When you nourish yourself properly, your body gives back to you in the form of energy, excess reduction and positive outlook.

And most importantly, beyond even the cycle as a whole, fall is the time to flush our systems of the excess heat from summer and get on board with how we can balance our workload, stress and our emotions.
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