Finding your why power!

Finding your why power!
Dr Pia Martin DC. CCN
The newspapers, magazines and the Internet are full of information on making 2011 great! There are slogans out there that say “ It’s Time” “ Start living the life you want” “Lose weight now” “ Control Spending” and so on… It is all great information, however it is really hard to up root bad habits that have become mighty oaks. Where do you start? What do you do? Is willpower enough? What’s going to stop you from falling back into mindless bad habits? What is going to be different this time versus the last time you tried and slowly slipped back into your old comfortable routine?
I ask myself these very same questions when I decide to make a change and the answer I am going to suggest to you is that you have to find your WHY POWER!
Why power is what gets you to stick with it; however it needs to be a big enough why. People are either motivated by something they want or something they don’t want… Love is a powerful motivator and so is hate and fear. For example “I hate the way I feel with that extra 20 pounds” is a great motivator however without a big enough why it is just a statement.
As you sit to prepare your vision boards and set your goals for 2011, think about why you want to do this or that. Then ask yourself is the why big enough? If it is, then set about breaking down those goals into small manageable steps that are measurable and get started.
Happy New Decade!