Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner: Not Stressgiving Dinner!:

Good Morning!

Most of us have started the process of planning our Thanksgiving Meal. As we do so I invite you to concentrate on making the experience of: the planning, the cooking, the time with family and the eating of your bounty a joyful and grateful experience. Each time you find yourself getting a little irritated or stressed, take a breath and remember the intent of this special holiday. It was meant to be a time of thanks not a time of stress. That includes emotional stress, chemical stress and physical stress. Enjoy your meal, savour each bite. take your time and savour each moment with family.
Blessings to you all!
Dr Pia

How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner without the unwanted stuffing
Most people gain 10-15 lbs over the holiday season. Not only does that cause the potential for health problems but it also causes the body additional stress.
This added stress also causes our immune function to be lowered providing the potential for colds and flu etc. Make giving thanks with family and friends the focus of your gathering.
The key to unwanted “ stuffing “ is everything in moderation. If you are cooking you have control over what is served at the T.G table, if not you have the choice over what you consume. “ Ah Ha” you can’t blame anyone else!
Here are a few tips to help you navigate the most fattening (2000 calories on average) meal of the year.
  1. Eat breakfast. Don’t go hungry as you have the potential to overeat.
  2. Drink plenty of water up to hour before and one hour after the meal
  3. Eat slowly. It takes 20 mins for the brain to catch up and register you are full.
  4. Say no to seconds. You body can only process so much at once.
  5. Careful with alcohol. You have a tendency to eat more and it is loaded with calories
  6. Big one! Don’t take more of the fattening food home with you. No one needs more of the most fattening meal of the year
  7. Get some exercise either before or after the meal. Sign up for a Turkey Trot. Fun for all and a great way to give to charity!
  8. Watch portion control. There are often a lot more items on the menu than a typical meal. Take a little of everything.
Here is my ideal Thanksgiving Dinner…
Start: Butternut/ Pumpkin soup.
Dinner: Roasted organic turkey breast w/ herbs and a little sea salt
Roasted Root Vegetables
Green beans with garlic and almonds
Brussels Spouts
Whole grain wild rice or Quinoa
Arugala Salad
Desert: Probably skip it. But if I was serving it would be Baked Apples
If you are Vegetarian or Vegan you can substitute the turkey for Tempeh or Seiten, and add black beans to the rice or quinoa.