Do Cleanses Really Work?

Are you feeling like you had a little bit too much Holiday fun? Or do you just want to start the year off with a commitment to being healthier in 2015?
What ever the reason there will be choices available.
Detoxing and cleansing has become all the rage, but as its popularity soars, the number of dubious products claiming detoxifying properties has exploded as well.
In short, there’s a tremendous amount of ‘clean’ washing going on.
A good detox / purification program holds the potential to transform people’s lives, which is why I’ve made it an important part of what I offer to treat patients in my practice.
The key is to understand what a good detox provides.
Here are three things I consider essential for a cleanse to deliver a therapeutic impact:
  • 1. Liver Support: The liver is the body’s main detox organ, so any time you’re doing a cleanse it’s important to include nutrients to support it in the process of removing toxins from the blood.
  • 2. Anti-microbials: An overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut is a huge source of toxicity in the body. If you’re not doing anything to rid your system of these bad guys, you’re missing a key element of detoxing.
  • 3. Elimination Diet: Eating the wrong foods plays a key role in triggering inflammation in the body. It’s essential when cleansing to give your body a break from gluten, sugar, dairy, and other pro-inflammatory foods
As you can see, a purification program is not as simple as drinking juice for several days.
It is about:
1. Not consuming the bad
2. Adding in the Good
3. Supporting the organs and doing it for long enough to create new healthy behaviors
Join us in January of 2015 and start the year off by investing in your most important asset. 
Your Health!
This is the perfect time to reset or reboot with our safe and effective purification programs.  
This healthy re-set will leave you feeling lighter, energized, more vital and with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.
Choose our  10 day sugar reset program or  commit to the 21 day program. Both programs deliver fantastic results.
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Have a great holiday season
Dr Pia