Balanced Energy: What is That?

Balanced Energy: What is that?

We all want to wake up with energy, go all day and then slowly sink into a restful nights sleep.

I know many of you are rolling your eyes… Right Dr Pia, I want that but I am struggling right now.  I go from Coffee to Wine and hope that I do not crash in the middle.

Are you Tired, Stressed out, Lacking in energy, Suffering from Low mood or are you Anxious or Angry??

You probably travel between a couple of the above depending on what is happening in your world.

Energy seems to be the topic of the week for most of my clients.  They either are struggling with anger and anxiety and need to calm down or they are feeling flat and suffering from fatigue and need a pick me up.

It’s been a tough few months…and it does not look like it will get any easier… I don’t know about you but I am a little jumpy and perhaps a little.. maybe a lot sad by how we as humans and beings of nature have managed to come to this place.

My outlook is positive and hopeful. The Future is ours to Build and Protect.  More than ever we are being called to take care of ourselves and our families and friends. We have to create the environment in which we can thrive.

I love this quote from one of the top yogi’s in the world.

” Sometimes the world needs to fall apart a little so it can be put back together better than before.”  Eddie Stern. 

 The Best most Natural ways to Regulate Your Energy.

Before I dig into that, if you have been struggling for a while with either fatigue or anxiety, then make an appointment with me so I can help you get to bottom of why that is happening. I am here to serve.


As humans we were made to move and we are not doing enough of it. If you suffer from stiffness and muscle soreness you either have a build up of lactic acid or your Liver function is low. You have to create energy to have energy.

We are doing less of it these past months than ever before.  Our offices are  now steps away, our bathroom steps away, instead of a long walk down the down the hall and food is close by and so on…we have to be very intentional that we get up and move every 90 minutes otherwise we move from the office to the couch….and before you know it another day has gone by… Set a timer and get up and walk around the block if you can, do some jumping jacks, wave you areas up and down vigorously if you have trouble with your legs,  high step on the spot…etc etc.

This is a minimum. Aim to do your version of movement at least for 45 minutes a day plus your 90 minute reset during your working hours.  There are tons of apps and resources to support you.  You just need to make a Vow 😀 and start slow. Start with 5 minutes, then 10, etc etc… and never ever stop.

Our Mitochondria reduces with age so we need to continue to build it and create energy by moving often.


Whole Organic Food provides us with our best options. Foods found in nature that the body can easily breakdown into the fuel it needs. If you were going to choose two things to focus on, then I would suggest;

  1. A variety of colorful Veggies and Green Leaves
  2. High Quality Fats, like Avacado, Olive Oil, Nuts and Seeds

Then aim to have some of these foods at Lunch and Dinner.  The goal is to provide the nutrients needed for  repair, recovery and balanced blood sugar. Veggies and leaves are also full of minerals that can help support our parasympathetic nervous system and therefore help us keep calm.  The Fats will help us maintain satiny and provide a consistent source of energy and keep blood sugar more stable.


Even though I eat well I still feel like I need to fill in the nutrient gaps due to the poor quality of the soil and the high stress of our times. FYI most “diets” and fizzy chemical drinks/ supplements have nutrient gaps.

The following whole nutrients have been shown to help give you a boost and provide balanced energy while you work on my suggestions:

1. B Vitamins. Most people are deficient in “B’s” Specially B1, B6, B9, and B12.

2.Digestive Support.  If you have a good diet and still feel tired, then it is likely that you are not absorbing what you eat and digestive enzymes and HCL should be considered. Second to that, if you are constipated, then toxins are not being eliminated, and therefore recycled causing problems for your Liver.

3. Antioxidants like Glutathione, Vita A,C,D,E or NAC, CoQ10 if you are on a Stain Drug.

4. Amino Acids like Protefood

5. Minerals  that most people are deficient)Zinc,Magnesium, Calcium and Iron are the most common  deficiencies) Immunplex for my money covers a lot of the bases as a good all-around product.

6. Omega EPA/DHA is a lovely combo that helps with inflammation and brain health.

The quality of what you take is important. You will need to have my code if you do not have an account set up: It is Patient Direct Code: W8MJSC


Choosing a way of being and living even when challenged is hard and we need to remind ourselves everyday.  This is why we need to remind ourselves often so we can show up prepared for the day.


The mind and the body needs oxygen in order to function.  When we do not get enough oxygen it is called oxidative stress.  It decreases energy, (ATP) and it creates free radicals which is not good and then if the cycle continues it leads to increased inflammation, systemic breakdown, Insulin Resistance, Peripheral neuropathy and so on it goes…

PRANA is Breath-work, the life force. PRANA is long slow deep intentional breathing.

There is more … I always start these emails saying to myself that I will keep it short… haha and then I start writing and I keep going and keep going .. always wanting to make sure I give you all the tools.

Is it too much?  Do you feel overwhelmed withy all the info? Would it be better if I kept it shorter?

I appreciate your feedback and support

Thanks and hold on tight to each other as we go through the next few weeks… It is messy out there.

I mention the above because the quality of what you take is important. You will need to have my code if you do not have an account set up: It is Patient Direct Code: W8MJSC

Have a Healthy Week and please pass this on to all who could use this info.

My Best

Dr Pia