Are You Worried Sick?? How to Decrease the Impact of Stress.

Are you Worried Sick??? How to Decrease the Impact of Stress.

Stress has a longer shelf life than you think.

To say there is a lot going on right now is an understatement. It seems like life is great one moment, you see the beginnings of opening up, you get extra snuggles with your kids, etc….  and then the next day you are not sure could these be too soon, you have no idea how the future will unfold and so on. Then before you know it you have a case of the blahs and blues.  The topic of ups and downs and stress came up a lot this past week during my virtual visit calls so I wanted to talk about it and provide some education and support.

These times are un-chartered waters for all of us and we know for certain that our lives will never be the same.  Some of the changes that I see people are making are amazing and we have been preaching .. well suggesting some of these changes for a long time.

I know you all hear my voice when you are out shopping for veggies…   So love that families are cooking, gardening and eating meals together.  Also love that that we are re-connecting with people that are important to us that we have lost touch with. Love, love that we are getting more time to sleep and so on..

Health and Wellbeing are ESSENTIAL

What is deemed  essential to us now is very different than it was many weeks ago causing us to pause and re-think what the world needs. To also re-think what we actually need. What is essential to you right now???  It has changed over the last months right?  I hope that Good Health is on the Top of that list.

I also have hope that we all step into the responsibility of taking care of ourselves and making the most of the future we have, whatever that looks like.

Then there are some things these past months that are not so great… again those things are different for everyone. That leads me to this.

I am very very concerned about the impact this period of time will have on our long term health.

The Impact of Stress has a longer shelf  life than you think.

Short Term Stress:

Short Term stress is a natural coping mechanism. Our bodies are designed to be protective under short term stressful situations.

This type of stress is acute meaning short and great for responding to wounds, cuts, pathogens, and perceived threats. Acute stress is what we call pro-inflammatory.  This type of stress allows our bodies to actually build resistance and resilience.  Exercise, Danger, Sex and Intermittent Fasting are also short term stressors.  Short term is what we call  Immuno-protective. 

Chronic Stress:

Chronic Stress, Distress or long term stress on the other hand induces and increases what we call    immuno-pathology. The most obvious sign of this kind of inflammation is that doesn’t go away.  It feels like “I am puffy, gaining weight, bloated, tired and I am stiff and achy.”  This types of stress also shows up as challenges with hormones, digestion, pain and skin issues.  In some cases this is where some folks transition to anxiety, depression and auto-immune disease.

If the Chronic Stress continues we now have what we call immune-suppression.  Which means that our immune systems either do not respond at all cell death, or allow abnormal growth as in the case of cancer and other diseases or they over react (cytokine storm) and death occurs as we have seen these past months.


I can not stress…I can’t believe I said that word…. seriously though we have to, no must,  take care and support ourselves now more than ever.  It is not always easy in these times to do all the things you know you should be doing to support health and wellbeing. Even if you are doing all the things times are different now than they have ever been and we all are in need of some extra support.

There are so many choices, so how do you choose what is the right support for me asked one of my clients this week? We also discussed the quality of the supplements available.  Most are not tested and they are made from low grade ingredients in China.

Here is a guide to help you figure out where you need the most support and what solution is best for you in this moment.

BTW we only recommend the highest quality, whole food, plant based solutions.

These products are vigorously tested so that you get the highest quality product available.

How to Decrease the Impact of Stress

General Support/Every Day:  Adrenal Packets, Drenamin, Adrenal Complex

Wired, Tired and Anxious:  Ashwaganda Complex, Kava, Min Tran, Nevaton

Depressed and Lack of Motivation: Rhodiloa and ginseng Complex

Lack of Energy and Brain Fog: Eluthero, Cataplex B, Organically Bound Minerals, Cataplex AC.

Hormonal Swings: Symplex F for the ladies and Symplex M for the guys, Cataplex B

I hope guide this helps?

If you are not sure what is the best solution for your needs please feel free to contact us.  We are here to serve and support.  If you need my code to order it is Patient Direct Code: W8MJSC

I don’t want you to be the person that looks back and says .. “I have never been well since…”

When we ask this question during our initial consultation, the answer is nearly always linked back to a period of prolonged stress. We as humans are amazing at so many things however in order to do all the things we need to make sure we have the reserves to do them.

Good Health and Optimizing your resilience is Essential 

Be Well and get out in Nature, eat a Veggie Forward Diet and have a Healthy Week

Dr Pia