This is for Practitioners in the Austin Area and San Antonio: TX

Consists of Functional Muscle Testing – Clinical Kinesiology: Health Prevention : Systems Biology Trainings with a hands on Workshops with like minded Practitioners.

Each of the monthly trainings is 2 hours in length and each month we focus on an area or organ and go in-depth and then connect it back to the whole body.

  • Each monthly training includes one hour of instruction and one hour of hands-on practice with the group members
  • Includes detailed handouts covering, Structure, Metabolism, Correlations and Connections, Needs, Deficits, Diagrams and easy patient Quizzes, Doctor Questions, plus recommended supplementation needs based on therapeutic rationale and testing.
  • We also review Business wins and Case Studies

“Thank you for being an Awesome teacher. I feel that I learn so many great tools to I can use to help patients” Dr.J

” Amazing Information that has immediate clinical relevance. I loved all the nuggets that I was able to use and continue to use in our practice. Thank you Dr Pia for pouring into us so we can pour into others” NB

“I have truly enjoyed Dr. Pia’s workshops with so much detail and incredibly well organized handouts on each subject we covered and I appreciate her advanced clinical skills that are applied to everything you present! It’s also enjoyable and fun and I highly recommend Dr. Pia’s workshops to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and clinical skills.” EH. DOM

“I am currently in the wellness women program taught by Dr. Pia and it has been amazing. The way she explains everything is very simple and at a basic level that was great for me as I was new to nutrition and supplements. My confidence has grown not only with nutrition recommendations for my patients, but the way I approach the way I ” doctor” my patients as a chiropractor. If you want a class that is understandable and can be implemented day one that doesn’t require a million hours and a billion dollars this is the class for you.” Dr M

“I’ve studied Clinical Kinesiology with other well-known practitioners for years.  Dr. Pia’s system is a simplified version that fits well into my acupuncture practice.  Her knowledge of physiology is vast, and she’s always willing to slow down and answer questions so that all of her material is digestible to students at every level.  She’s a remarkable teacher.”  SR, L.Ac.

“Dr Pia leads with her healer’s heart and her keen sense of just how to teach some pretty sophisticated material to a very diverse group of healthcare providers. She bridges our different knowledge domains and brings us into one accord as healers.” Dr T

Who is the Membership Program for?

We wanted to answer all of your FAQ’s, and we hope this list covers some of those

This is for Practitioners and Doctors who….

  • Want to continue to learn and grow
  • Are continually curious about how the mind/body/spirit works as whole
  • Want a quick efficient system to evaluate care
  • Want to learn Functional Muscle Testing / Clinical Kinesiology
  • Are committed to being part of a community
  • Want a technique that gets to the root cause of the patient/client issues
  • Want to add Nutrition and Emotional clearing to the practice
  • Want to serve more people
  • Are creative and see each client as unique individual
  • Want to improve outcomes for patients with chronic conditions
  • Want a wholistic approach that is very effective
  • Want to understand how seemingly unrelated symptoms are connected
  • Want to learn more about Whole Food Nutrition and Herbs
  • Learn how to ask the right questions so your client sees you as a trusted expert
  • Want a framework to balance the whole body
  • Can be exact about what the patient needs.
  • Want to know what emotional pattern is hindering the healing process
  • Know exactly what the patient needs to let go of to improve wellbeing
  • Want to know more about energetic healing
  • Build Confidence and be in Community with other like-minded Practitioners.

For more info about locations and cost : or TEXT 214 8696404

Become the healthiest version of yourself. Take control of your health and wellbeing in an ever changing world.

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