The Year In Review

Welcome to the 2019 year in review:

What a year it has been … definitely a huge transition year for me as most of you know.  I am gratefully for it and for what is to come.

Transitions rarely come without some deep reflection. Looking back over a period to see how you have grown, what your goals have you accomplished, what did you learn, what dreams did you realize and so on.

We also need to take a look towards the future and picture what we want our lives to be like.  That sometimes means letting go of patterns, habits, and beliefs and behaviours that did not serve us. This part of the reflection review is often hard. At least for me anyway.

The Year in Review

This year has been a very interesting year in wellness.  I am now going to think of health and all that it means as wellbeing.  The word wellness as been so over used by savvy marketers offering a new highly priced thing every minute to solve all of your problems.

In what feels like the blink of an eye, wellness has ascended from a fringe industry to a global force. The market is climbing twice as fast as the global economy, and upward of $4.2 trillion of goods and services now fall underneath wellness’s wide umbrella. Not only is it growing faster than the global economy writ large, but what we now spend on wellness is more than half of what we spend on all global health expenditures ($7.3 trillion).

This has made way for a buffet of high-price, low-return products to enter the market and convolute what “wellness” really means—and who has access to it.

I might even change my corporate name ??? Dr Pia’s Center for Wellbeing???

I like the term ” science guided wellness”   It doesn’t mean that we should not look at new and exciting options as solutions,  it means that we look with curiosity and ask questions.  It means we integrate the data, it means we build health, it means that we create the ability for health to express.  It means that everyone is different and what works for me might be right for you.

” One finding in nutrition research that does seem certain: People who eat a lot of vegetables are healthier than people that don’t.  There is incontrovertible evidence for that”

With that in mind: If you would like to:

Start 2020 Strong and Upgrade Your Wellbeing

You can! Start 2020 by letting go of foods that do not promote health and reset your metabolism. It is time for you to sparkle.

There is still time to Join us for our P21 Program. We will be eating a lot of Veggies… LOL.

We kick the program of  Jan 6th. Text, Email, or Phone us. and we will add you to our group. You will need to let us know quickly so we have what you need to begin.

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Have a Happy and Safe New Year.  See you in 2020.

Dr Pia