One of the questions on my patient intake forms asks the question  ” How many servings of Vegetables do you eat per day?” Often the answer is 1-2.  When pressed the 1-2 includes a lettuce leave on a burger or a slice of tomato.
 Some folks do however include a small salad at lunch or dinner, however it is often iceberg lettuce with croutons and cheese (Caesar Salad) with no other vegetables in the salad. 
I know that a diet filled with mostly plants is medicine for the body and that incorporating more veggies in your daily diet can have a big effect on how you look and feel.  Life is so much better when you FEEL GOOD. 
To encourage and inspire you to add more veggies to your daily meals I have included a list of Vegetable Cookbooks, that have mouth watering recipes, beautiful photos and the main focus is plants.

1. Plenty – Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London’s Ottolenghi. The photos in this book are beautiful and the recipes are simple. This get’s a A plus!

2. Vegetables Every Day by Jack Bishop.  This book is arranged in an A-Z guide
3. River Cottage Vegetables.  There are 200 recipes in this book
4. Tender: A cook and his Vegetable Patch by Nigel Slater
This book was an instant hit in the UK
5. 50 Best Plants on the Planet: By Cathy Thomas
Last but not least :  Experiment with roasting, grilling, steaming and raw.  It is amazing how a little olive oil, lemon juice  and sea salt can bring out the best in so many veggies.
Enjoy and do this for yourself, your family and have fun with it.
Dr Pia