The Buzz about 11-11-11

I had to share this with you:
Many people are hearing the buzz about this special date and yet uncertain as to why it is so special. The words “portal, vortex, numerology” are swirling around and no matter what you make of it, there is a sense of SOMETHING IS HAPPENING! But the question is what? How does it relate to me?
The bottom line of all the hoopla is this: on 11-11-11 MILLIONS of people around the world, in one form or another, will be holding different ceremonies celebrating the shifting in consciousness on the planet. And this means that all those millions of people will be sending energy out into the collective consciousness grid which in turn feeds each one of us. This is quantum physics at its finest! Imagine a power surge of positive vibrations sent throughout the earth and beyond, focused on shifting the consciousness from the first three chakras energy of “protect and defend” to the higher chakras where we live in “balance & harmony.”
We must be the change; it must take place inside ourselves. Participating in such a worldwide event shows that we take responsibility and actively engage in the lifting of consciousness. Perhaps this is why we chose to be born at this time, something to ponder.

Have a great day enjoy and look at all the ways eleven is already in our daily lives. EG: A lot of team sports have
eleven players on the field at one time like soccer, football, and cricket. The first lunar landing was made by Apollo 11, The deepest part of the ocean floor is 11 kms, the eleventh step of the 12 step program is meditation and courage, and the reason I and many of you first heard 11:11:11 was to stop in silence to pay tribute and remember the sacrifice of our veterans

Have a great week,

Dr Pia