Replace and Rejuvenate

Replace and Rejuvenate

Even though I have a nourishing daily routine it can’t replace the value of quality downtime.

It has been a busy year for me so far and we have some really fun and exciting projects in the works for 2024.  Yes, that is right I am planning 2024 and it will be here quicker than we imagine so, planning or having a blueprint is key.  You do not want to wait till Dec 31st to look at what you would like for your future health and life. Start now with thinking about what you want to manifest. Write it down and then plan the steps to get there.  Then take action!!

Small and consistent is better than big, overwhelming and inaction.

I will share soon, however in the meantime I am going off the grid for 2 whole weeks.  My stud muffin and I are going to soak in the sand and the fresh sea breezes and celebrate his amazing life so far. We are going to take it slow… walks along the ocean, sunset on the deck and time with longtime friends and not too many plans so we can go with the rhythm of the day.

So here is to practicing what I preach!!! Celebrating life with my love and filling up my bucket and allowing creativity to flow in.

Replace and Rejuvenate

In today’s world we need to replace and rejuvenate daily.

This from James Clear

“Find the beauty and joy in your daily rituals and you will find beauty and joy in your daily life. To love your habits is to love your days, and to love your days is to love your life.”

My Daily Routine

  • Sleep 8 hours
  • Drink 64ozs of water a day minimum… more if I am speaking a lot
  • Morning Meditation
  • One of Yoga ( connecting my mind with my body)
  • 10 Different veggies a day
  • Break my 14 hour fast with protein
  • Daily support Supplements… the basics plus what is unique and personal for me.
  • Lots of Hugs and love with my Stud Muffin…
  • Gratitude for the life I have and what I get to share with the world. (Mindset)
  • Focus and Present time consciousness
  • Prepare for the day/week and then I have room for what ever comes up without the wheels coming off.. It allows me to be do my best.
  • Take breaks from screen time.
  • Working on all the time… Boundaries and saying enough… and no. I know ya’ll can relate to that as life is always saying more, better, faster etc etc ..

See you soon as always have a healthy week and browse the blogs for more health nuggets.

Dr Pia