Recharge with Solar Power

Recharge with Solar Power. Solar Power is always there, even if we can’t see it. The whole world revolves around the sun  and the sun  is the center of our solar system.  The RIGHT amount of sun makes everything grow, has been worshiped since prehistoric times and helps our bodies generate Vitamin D an important nutrient for good health.

Recharge with Solar Power:

Here are 5 easy ways to harness the power of  the Sun

  1. Grow your own green leafy lettuces on your porch or back garden. The harvest and enjoy your nutrient dense vitamins like chlorophyl and calcium. Love this garden box  idea for those of us with tiny houses.
  2. If you feel sluggish in the mornings and do not want to get out of bed.  Re-set you circadian rhythm by getting up with the sun and enjoying the light.  It will be tough the first couple of days.  The pay off is a more restful sleep.”The mind is supposed to be most calm and clear at this time. Ayurveda recommends that one awake at this time every day,” says Mohan.
  3. If you work indoors and stare at computers all day, make a point to get outside for 15 minutes and get fresh air and sunlight
  4. Start you day with Surya Namaskar ( salute to the sun) This series of twelve flowing yoga movements to breath will stimulate the blood stream and awaken your prana, your life force energy.  An excellent way to transition from sleep to what live ahead.Although  Sun Salutations can be practiced at any time of the day, the early-morning hours are considered especially auspicious for yoga and meditation practice. The hour just before sunrise is called Brahma muhurta (“time of God”).
  5. Too much for you?  Start you day sitting still and facing east for a few minutes and focus your energy on the day ahead.  The way your inner sun (your heart) addresses the sun that shines down on you.

If you are struggling with a ton of stress and your sleep patterns are all over the place give one or more of the above nourishing rituals a try and tap into your solar energy.


Dr Pia