How Jane lost 60 pounds in 6 months

One of my patients Jane (not her real name) has lost 6o pounds in 6 months!!! Amazing and it is a joy to be on this life changing journey with her.  We sat down at her last visit and discussed the top 6 things she did to lose the weight.

The top 6 things I did to lose 6o pounds in 6 months

I. I got the right kind of help and support for me

I heard Dr Pia speak at a lunch workshop at my company and what she said resonated with me so I made an appointment.  I had tried other programs however I didn’t always feel always feel comfortable with the approach.  The one size fits all food out of boxes and packets and weigh in’s didn’t feel right to me.  Dr Pia uses the food is medicine approach which made sense to me.  Dr pia was my partner in “my unquie journey”

2. I ate real food and made changes in bite size pieces.

The first change I made was to let go of Sugar.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be because I had the right mindset around letting it go.  Did it nourish my body?  The answer was no!  Bye bye sugar

3. I let go of old emotions and regrets from the past. ( I became a compassionate observer)  I also kept a journal.

Old emotions and expectations from the past were causing me to self medicate with food.  The wrong kind of food and too much of it.  Once I let go of those emotions I was able to see things in a different way … It’s a long story, however I was able to move forward. Writing down my thoughts and feelings help me see things more clearly.

4. Green Food / Drink

I started having a green smoothie every morning and I called it my medicine.  It was packed full of good clean protein and lots of green food.  The right kind of food is medicine and my body was no longer starving from all the empty calories.  I felt healthier and ate less.

5. Exercise

I started slowly walking around the block and then continued to move.  I have more energy and exercise keeps my blood sugar stable and stimulates Dopamine. (the feel good hormone)

6. Supplementation to fill the gap

Dr Pia found that my Gallbladder was not functioning well  so she prescribed a supplement to help support the gallbladder and help my body assimilate and digest fats. (Now good fats  LOL)

This has been an amazing journey thus far and it’s the combination of mind, body, spirit plus being supported that has led to this transformation.  I have collar bones again, have dropped 8 dress sizes  and I feel good about myself, I am pretty again and dare I say sexy!

I hope you enjoyed Jane’s story.  We celebrate every time she comes in for her appointment.  It’s been a wonderful and emotional journey and I am so proud of her.  60 pounds is a big deal! She is doing the work because she decided to.  She decided that she is the person who is in control of the choices she makes everyday good and bad. She is choosing good.  She doesn’t let one poor choice derail her efforts.  She calls her self a compassionate observer.

Good health is the choices we make everyday however sometimes we need a little help from a mentor, coach or wellness doctor to support us along the way.

My best and have a great week full of good for you choices.