It is Happening!!

It is happening!!!

It has been a while since I have talked about what I have been up to so, I thought a little update would be a good idea.

Hubs and I have been in Texas since mid April 2020.  Crazy to think about, we got here just our world closed down.  I had plans to hit the ground running and get amongst our new community, teach free yoga classes and much much more…

Like you, I had to take a pause…  Looking back now I think, no I know, I probably needed it. I could have done without the stress of THE VIRUS to content with though. It has been a hard 18 months for all of us.  We as a collective have felt each others emotional effects.

I realized that we all suffer from hurry and hustle sickness and we need to refocus on our health, the quality of our lives and our connections.  We need to re assess and refocus on what is important.  Ask yourself the question “Is there agency in this”? If yes then adopt it, if not let it go.


After months of knocking on doors and many emails and texts, I have found a place near where I live that is a perfect fit for me. I am going to go back to offering in person appointments.

START DATE: September 9th, 2021.  Monday and Thursday 1-5pm.

LOCATION: 715 Discovery Blvd. #404. Cedar Park. TX. 78613.

Bookings can be made online or by calling or texting me at PH: 214 8696404.

Please feel free to pass on the information on to anyone you know that lives in the North Austin/ Leander/ Cedar park area. TY.

My focus is on creating space for Wellness, Prevention, Proactive care and for Transformation.  As always my passion is to create a Genetic Trust Fund for the next generation.

It is clear that we need to prepare for life’s ups and downs and I want to support as many people as I can, while I can.

“PREPARE means investing upstream in systemic approaches for whole health and prevention rather than focusing only downstream on reactive intervention”.


I might have mentioned this before?  I quietly started a membership group for other practitioners in the Austin Area.  Each month I teach what I have learned over the years using ” THE MAN/PERSON” system and each month we focus on an different organ system or metabolic issue.

The first group has been a big success, and we have a second group that is already full starting in September.  I think a third group could be on the horizon.

While the group was started as learning platform it has evolved into a diverse community, were we all feel connected and can grow together.  To be honest I didn’t see this coming at all and it happened very naturally.  The best things can happen when we make space for something new to enter.  I tell this to couples who want to start a family all the time, however we could all use this advice including me. LOL.  If you know any practitioners that are interested in learning then click this LINK. 


Yes virtual appointments  are still available.  One of the good things that has happened during the last while, is that you can now see the Wellness Doctor you want from you own home and even in most cases even if they are located in a different state or country. Very convenient and a great investment.


Starting September 1st. 2021.  Shipping will be free for orders over $100.00.

For orders less than $100.00 there will be a flat fee of only $8.00.

If you have a Patient Direct Account the same applies.  Yeah!!


As always thanks so much for all your support throughout the years, you have all been part of this journey, my journey and for that I am very grateful.

Have a healthy week and check out the most recent blog posts. There are some good nuggets in them.

Dr Pia