How the Purification Program changes your life

Hi Dr Pia,

I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement in going through with this 21 day program. It was a tough first week I will admit, but after that I truly felt in charge of my habits and cravings. 21 days of just water, vegetables and fruit has served me well. I feel great, especially when I get those 8 hours of sleep. I can also go about my day without that need for coffee with ease!

After just weighing myself, I logged in at 186.8. I lost 13 pounds since I last saw you!

I learned quite a bit about my emotional attachments to certain foods in the past three weeks. With that said, I am very confident in how I will handle my eating habits moving forward because of this program. When in doubt – just eat some avocado! Thanks again, Dr. Pia!