Feeling the December depletion: that sense of exhaustion you feel after a marathon month spent hustling to holiday parties and hurrying through airports, thinking up thoughtful gifts and cramming into close quarters with family.  What some of us need in January is to nurture ourselves: mind, body, soul, and planet.

Here’s to a Nourishing New You this Year

Instead of focusing on flaws to fix, this January plan on nurturing yourself back to balance with simple, grounding steps.

Here are simple ways to nourish yourself, your community, and our world through eating, moving, giving, creating, and loving. Decide to choose satisfying, low-sugar recipes developed full of wholesome, natural ingredients, free from those that slow you down. Try gentle movement routines set to the rhythm of winter that will heal your body instead of strain it. And look forward to simple methods for restoring your skin’s bounce and vibrancy despite winter’s wrath. We hope  you feel the need to recalibrate your connection to yourself and your world.