P21 Versus P10: Which Purification Program is best for you?

We are getting ready to Kick Off Our Annual Purification Programs and have had a bunch questions asking “Is P21 or P10 Best for me?”

The Kick Off begins Jan 2nd or Jan 5th.

P21 is a simple easy to follow program that is designed to build new habits and detoxify the Liver.  The program is 21 days long as it takes that long to build a new habit and it takes that long to remove, replace and regenerate. We strongly recommend that if you are thinking about becoming a parent soon that you first do our P21 to give your future child the best start in life

If you have one or more of these symptoms then the P21 program will deliver outstanding results.

Greasy and high fat foods cause distress

Lower Bowl gas after eating

Difficulty Losing Weight

Unexplained itchy skin

Excessive hair loss

Overall sense of bloating and body swelling

Coated or fussy tongue

Constipation/ Diarrhea

The P10 is designed as a Sugar Detox. It is  a much shorter program and there are less food restrictions. This program is perfect as a holiday reset or for folks that are not ready for the P21 day.

If you have one or more of these symptoms then the P10 Program is perfect for you.

Crave sweets all day long and must have sweets after meals

Irritable or light headed if meals are skipped

You are anxious, nervous, agitated and get upset easily

Difficulty losing weight

Waist size is expanding and is equal or larger than hip girth

Frequent urination

Poor Memory

Kick off is Jan 2nd or Jan 5th.  You can choose which date works best for you.  Please be sure to let me know so we can make sure we have what you need to get started.

Each program comes with a 64 page booklet that contain FAQ, Simple Meal Plans, Recipes, an Experience Journal and much much more.  We also provide if local a consult with me Dr Pia, all the whole food supplements and shake with a simple handout you can follow.   We also send daily emails to provide support along the journey.  We have conducted hundreds of these programs and if followed we have 100%  customer satisfaction rate.

The Total Cost for each program are:

P10 is 197.00

P21 is 297.00

Let’s get 2018 off to a healthy start and lets work to maintain these fabulous results throughout the remainder of the year.

Call or Text 214 8696404 or email drpiamartin@gmail.com

Have a wonderful rest of the week and have a wonderful New Year.  Here’s to new beginnings. fresh starts and been in great shape so you can do accomplish great things in 2018.

Dr Pia