Eating Fresh Organic Food is Medicine: Our Group Detox begins July 8th. It is mid-year and time to reset your hormones, heal your digestive track, give your Liver a break, improve sleep and let go of some not so great habits that have developed.

Join our group Detox beginning July 8th. You can do the 10 day Sugar Detox or go for it and do the 21 Day Purification Program. FYI I am going to join you as I never go around to it in January. So enjoy with family and friends this weekend and jump in and refresh your mind body and spirit as get set for a productive and healthy rest of the year. Weight Loss is a benefit but the central idea is to get a while lot healthier.

Given the right foods and support, organs can regenerate

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This is Shannon’s Story of Transformation

“I lost 16 pounds overall and 4 inches from my waist in 21 days with Dr. Pia’s program. One of the best things that Dr. Pia provides is structure and support. It is very helpful to have someone as knowledgeable as her to guide you through the process. And with all the supplements being included in the price along with Dr. Pia’s professional advice, it is a great value. For me, the greatest benefit, apart from the obvious improvement in my health, is saying goodbye to the sluggishness and discomfort that comes from simply carrying too much weight. If your clothes are uncomfortable or if you’re tired of having your midsection touch your lower body every time you bend over, you know what I mean. You really ought to do yourself a favor and try this program. It will get you started on a much healthier and energetic way of life. I’m never going back to the old habits. Thanks, Dr. P.”

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