Goat Yoga in San Diego – No Kidding

Goat Yoga is a thing.  I am not kidding. It is also good business for farmers that own the goat farms.  There are a number of options available in SanDiego if you would like to try this trend.  A word of caution though.  You must like animals and be prepared  for the poop and the pee as well as the snuggles.  LOL

How goat yoga got started

Lainey Morse is considered the founder of Goat Yoga, and holds classes at the Hanson Country Inn in Corvallis, Oregon. “Goats are perfect for the yoga practice because it’s not only combining nature and animals, it’s combining yoga, and they all go together so well,” Morse told CNN earlier this year.

Morse owns a small goat farm in a picturesque section of western Oregon. The farm is called “No Regrets,” which is fitting since Morse moved there on a whim from Phoenix, Arizona and hasn’t looked back since.
One day, during a child’s birthday party she hosted on the farm as part of a charity auction, a mother who taught yoga approached her with an interesting suggestion.
“The woman said, ‘You should really have a yoga class out here,” Morse said. “I said okay, but the goats have to join in.” It didn’t take much time for the concept to catch fire.
 As we said earlier goat yoga is also good business.  Morse has a 1200 person waiting list for the Goat Yoga Classes.

Goat Yoga isn’t just happening in Oregon and LA—it’s also cropping up in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and right here in San Diego.

Goat Yoga In San Deigo

“I’m just a goat farmer, not a yogi,” said 16-year-old, 4-H member Sissy Sugarman.

But she knows a good business opportunity when she sees one. That’s why this home-schooled teen and her mom started hosting goat yoga classes earlier this month at their family farm. They’d been hearing online chatter for months about a hot new yoga trend — classes with animals, particularly goats who climb up on people’s backs and nibble on their bare toes while they do yoga poses.

“In Encinitas, which is the yoga capital of the world, it’s not hard to get a great yoga instructor,” Sissy’s mom, Elizabeth, said with a smile.


Classes have been  modified from a  traditional yoga routine, making it more goat-friendly by emphasizing poses down near the ground. Elizabeth Sugarman said the goats don’t care for the warrior pose, or anything where someone is standing tall with arms outstretched. They like people’s “submissive” poses where they’re close to the ground, below the goats’ eye level and less threatening to approach, she said.

Sugar Sweet Farm is charging $40 for a 50-minute goat yoga class followed by 15 minutes of “goat cuddles and goat selfies.” People can register by visiting the farm’s web site at: sugarsweetfarm.com/goat-yoga.html

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