Are the Vitamins and supplements you are taking really worth the money you are spending on them?

1. 50% of the U.S. adults take a dietary supplement regularly. That is a 30 billion dollar industry!! Are you getting value for money or are you buying bogus claims and slick advertising?

2. The label can be deceiving. No surprise there for most of us. The FDA does not require full disclosure of what is in a proprietary blend or formula. Red Flag !

3. No Pill is a substitute for a healthy diet. Start with good whole food and then work with a licensed professional to fill in the missing nutrient gaps with supplements made from whole concentrated food.

4. There are no miracle supplements of the day, month or year. Beware of slick advertising campaigns. Many of today’s supplements are made by pharmaceutical companies. #1. They want in on the $$$$.

5. Synthetic, isolated, and fractional vitamins no matter how potent will not help. They often make you feel better initially then within a few days they make you feel worse! Why? Because the body gets depleted using up co-factors to try to balance the chemical formulas.

6. As a consumer you reasonably expect that all supplements are safe. You need a magnifying glass to read disclaimers and safety regulations on ingredients is inadequate. Another Red Flag!

7. You need real, whole food, raw, live , naturally low dose nutritional complexes that the body can digest and metabolize and utilize to help you heal.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

The above statement supports therapeutic rationale.

I hope you found the above information valuable?
The take home is eat well and fill in with whole food nutrients. Most of us need a little support as it is hard to get all we need each day and please, please, please buy quality products. Questions? We can help.

Be Well!