I am often asked the question… What should I eat? How do I get the nutrients I need for optimal health?
With that I mind I wanted to share my recipe for the Super Food Salad.   You will get all the vitamins and minerals you need and this salad and it is packed with fiber!
 SUPER FOOD SALAD                        
Dr Pia Martin
In a large salad bowl add the following ingredients:
5 big handfuls of mixed organic greens (can be found precut and washed at most markets)
2 big handfuls of baby spinach raw
1½ cups of chopped red peppers
6 lightly steamed Brussels spouts. (cut in quarters)
5 lightly steamed asparagus stalks (cut into 2 inch pieces)
1½ cups of broccoli flowers ( lightly steamed or raw)
3 hard-boiled organic eggs chopped or 5 oz. of grilled salmon flaked
1 cup of cooked black beans
¾ cup of chopped organic tomatoes
1 cup of shredded raw carrots
½ cup of radishes sliced
¼ cup of dried sunflower seeds, or sub ½ cup of walnuts
Toss in olive and balsamic vinegar, add some ground pepper or chili pepper if you like. Serves 4-6 people.
Serve immediately in large bowls or plates and eat as a main meal. (note eat with chopsticks so you slow down and chew your food)
The super food salad contains foods that are nutrient dense.  That means they have a significant amount of nutrients relative to the number of calories.
This is the ultimate fast food; it tastes delicious and contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for great health.

Dr Pia Martin
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