Why I am passionate about this Purification Program and why do I wanteveryone to go through the experience?

The quest to help as many people have great health started during my schooling to become a
Whole Person Doctor. A bunch of class mates and myself decided to do a version of the
Purification Program using Standard Process Products as an experiment. I did not have any
expectations when I started the program and I had very little knowledge of the changes I would
go through physically, mentally and emotionally.
Fast forward 21 days and quite frankly it was WOW! An AH-HA moment. I felt light, bright and full of energy in spite of a horrendous clinic and school schedule. I was literally shining! My skin, eyes, hair and inner light were beaming and everyone asked me what I had been doing? 

My body felt like a finely tuned Ferrari instead of an old ford truck. I had cleaned out the sludge and given my Liver and other organs of detoxification a break and now they could do the job they were designed to do.
From this moment on I needed to get the word out to as many people as possible. Next I had
my husband and friends do the program…. the results were amazing and their medical doctors
couldn’t believe the results. Gone was high blood pressure, bye bye to high cholesterol, see ya to
insomnia, brain fog and sugar cravings and I almost forgot to mention everyone dropped lots and
lots of weight in just three weeks without going hungry, buying packaged fake food, or taking
injections and pills. You eat real food that is found in nature! Food that the body knows how to
turn into efficient energy to rebuild and restore itself!
Quite frankly I am scared to death that if we do not take back our health now and teach our
children how to enjoy real foods found in nature we heading for higher and higher medical costs,
higher obesity rates, a generation of children that will not outlive their parents There are more and more children born with Autism spectrum problems and a increased rise in auto immune dysfunction.
It is amazing to me to watch as people start the program on Day 1 with some trepidation and
then see them skip out of my office Day 21. They are always amazed at the results and the
program always without a doubt exceeds their expectations.
I have now conducted hundreds of programs and have taken all of the knowledge I have
learned from my patients and designed a program that is easy to follow, simple and extremely
I want to start a revolution and have a huge community of Pure People!