WELLNESS Year in Review – Celebrate!!

WELLNESS Year in Review – Celebrate!!

Some of you may know that I have a Wellness Membership Masterclass group called the Green Zone. 

This past week we talked about the goals we had set in different areas of wellness and scored the success out of 0-10.  Some had 8/10 some and 5/10.  Some were disappointment that it wasn’t a 9, or a 10/10.  Here’s is the thing though.  What if they hadn’t even tried or they had not been part of this group???? It probaly would have gone on to the to do list for 2024.

Before I jump into the rest of the Post: We are collecting bears again for Dell Children’s Hospital.

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WELLNESS Year in Review – Celebrate!!

It is so important to celebrate forward progress even if it was not a perfect.  Just think… It would have been a zero if not for the class. The group had loving support and the accountability!! Yeah!!

I asked them all to revisit this tentant of wellness.  Community and how Environment shapes our outcomes.  As you do your own year in review and plan for 2024 think about celebrating even if the steps were small and consider set yourself up for success and create the environment that would help you succeed.


  • One of the most powerful drivers of habits and behavior change is our social/ work/and family environment.
  • We are all part of multiple tribes. The tribes we belong to shape our behavior.
  • The key factor in any of these tribes is that we have a sense of belonging. When you want to belong to a tribe, you naturally soak up the habits of the tribe.
  • You choose to start going to a Fitness class where all your classmates eat a clean Paleo type diet, you might start eating that way too.
  • If join a church or mosque that values community service, you might start volunteering your time as well. Community rises us up together.


WELLNESS Year in Review – Celebrate!!

Here are the guidelines we used for the Green Zone Masterclass.  I hope you find it useful.

The key step is to join a group where your desired behavior is usual.

My friends who meditate and work out tell me the same thing: when you’re meditating for ten minutes with a friend and seven minutes pass, well, you don’t want to be the first one to quit. You’ll sit there the entire 10 minutes!! CELEBRATE!


  • One step at a time, one day at a time, one thought at a time, it all adds up!
  • Consistency of good choices is the key. Missing once is OK, twice=
  • Ask the question: Is this a good choice for me yes, or no?
  • Do my current habits support success?
  • Decide you are worth it. THIS IS HUGE!!! (SELF LOVE)
  • The quality of your life matters not just the quantity!
  • You are the only one in charge of your health … Mind Body Spirit.
  • Notice when old negative patterns come up.  Ask yourself why? What are my triggers? How can I reframe or remove.
  • Start your day with GROW. state silently, “I approach this day with Gratitude, Respect, Observation, and Wisdom (GROW).”
  • Meditation, Prayer, Breathwork, Journaling are incredibly useful tools.
  • You got the GENES…Oh No! I am here to tell you that EPIGENETICS (environment and choices) causes genes to express.  That’s right it has been proven over and over. That being said you, if you know you can also prevent!
  • There is so much more… you get the picture. The way we Think and Nourish our mind and our body IS key. The mind and body are connected.
  • Use a High Energy Healthy Habit Tracker as a guide to celebrate and maintain the good habits and to also see where there is opportunity for Growth!

Have a healthy week

Dr Pia