Updates and Popular Posts

Updates and Popular Posts

Happy Summer!  Here we are with just over six months left in 2022!!

This is the time of the year when I make a promise to myself to slow down and reflect on the past few months.  It is a time for me to re evaluate what I have learned, what worked, what needs to be addressed, what changes I might need to make and why.

I do this both professionally and personally.  The hardest part for me like many of you is to actually give myself permission to slow down and be patient with myself.  I am a master at doing things all the time.  I know some of you are smiling because you can relate.

The past two years or so I have been much better at taking the time to see what bubbles to the surface when I am curious and allow the way I feel to come into play.

Once I have done this I set up a plan for what I want the next 6 months to look like. I look out and then take it back to the daily steps I need to take in the present moment. These days I also leave room for organic flow, intuition and flexibility.

I challenge you all to take some time to reflect, take stock of your life and make adjustments if they feel right.  I am always saying look to past to learn, see the future and take the steps in the present moment to make that happen.

On to the updates and popular posts

Cancellation Policy

The world has changed and therefore so must the way I have practiced for so many years so,

Starting July 1st 2022 I will implement a Cancellation Policy.

As a courtesy to Dr Pia Wellness and the staff, we respectfully request a 24-hour advance cancellation notice. We will require a credit card on file to book an appointment. There will be a  charge if you cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hrs of your scheduled appointment. There will also be a charge if you no show your appointment.
Every appointment is reserved especially for you! Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and serve those who need our support. 
Our appointments will be confirmed 48 hours and 24 hours in advance because we know how easy it is to forget an appointment you booked weeks ago.  

Membership Group For Practitioners

I am so excited to share that these groups have grown organically and we now have 4 groups in the Austin/ San Antonio Area.  We are having a lot of fun learning together.  Our Round Rock Group has renewed for another year and we are open for 4 new members starting in September.

Take the Doctor Home

I want Natural Functional Health Care to be available to everyone, so with that in mind I am toying with the idea of offering an in person group/membership program. A program that is more affordable for those who want to work on their wellbeing in a collective. I have seen first hand how successful this model can be with our Practitioner Groups. More to come on this as I flush out my thoughts on how to make this a great program.  Any feedback  from y’all is welcome.


Summertime Reading list … or in case you missed it, these are the most popular posts from the last few months. Enjoy.



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Have a healthy week and as always I am here to serve and empower you to live a healthy life

Dr Pia