Top Unique Baby Names 2017

The sun is shining, spring is blooming, and we have baby fever here at Dr Pia’s Wellness Center.  We have just welcome three new little ones and more ready to say hello to the world in the next few weeks.  We also have some moms that will be having baby number two  and  number four this year so it got us thinking.  What are the top unique baby names for 2017?

Whether you’re expecting or not, baby name trends are fascinating to review. You can see where your own name ranks, or your friends’, and notice if names from your grandparents’ generation are making a comeback. I noticed that there was a article this week said that this is the first year that Michael has dropped in popularity.  This year, we also noticed a prominent trend: The coolest names have  very natural and mystic elements which of course I love along with more traditional names like Isabelle  (izzy for short).

Top Unique Baby Names

One of the top baby name ranking websites compiled a list of the baby names that represent our time, and let’s just say that I like them a lot.

Cosmic:             Soleil, Celeste, and Luna
Floral:               Zinnia, Iris, and Rosamund
Bird Like:         Birdie and Lark
Green:              Forrest and Wilder
And perhaps our favorite on the list, Sage. Even the names being searched “right now” (which is the week of May 12, 2017) have a nature vibe: Birch, Posey, Daffodil, and Wren. If you or someone you love needs a little baby-naming inspiration please share our post with them.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Dr Pia