Chronic Stress is the kind of stress that makes you feel like you are wired and tired or anxious and jittery. Chronic Stress can be caused by tough emotional issues, a high stress job, poor diet, and over training. Adrenal fatigue can also be caused by other endocrine organs that are struggling and therefore cause the adrenals to try to pick up the slack. An example would be PCOS or Hypothyroidism

If you have any of the following signs and symptoms there is a strong chance your adrenal glands are on overload and therefore need support.

1. You Lie awake at night
2. You fall asleep and then wake up and struggle getting back to sleep
3. You have bunions or plantar Fasciitis
4. You have sugar cravings
5. Poor recovery from exercise
6. Asthma
7. Reduced Libido
8. Medial knee pain
9. Poor Focus
10 Pain in the sacrum when sitting

So what can you do?

1. Improve your diet
2. Limit caffeine
3. Explore more gentle forms of exercise
4. Consider meditation and deep breathing exercise
5. Get out in Nature
6. Laugh
7. Don’t skip meals and wait till you are about to pass out to eat
8. Cut out Corn
9. Visit your Wellness Doctor and get checked
10. Take whole food supplement support.

In our 24/7 world we need to find ways to take care of ourselves or we are on a fast track to burnout and illness. We can’t push and push without putting something back. It is the universal law of nature.