Monday Morning Motivation

I wasn’t feeling it this morning? Ugh? I was feeling a little Blah and need a dose of Monday morning motivation.

I didn’t leap out of bed and say to myself ” I am on fire today and I can’t wait to get to my Hot Yoga Class and  then come home and write a blog post.  A post  that I hope will influence people to make good choices to support health and wellbeing.   I know that some of you or all of you have felt that way at one time or another?  Right?

Monday Morning Motivation #1

Well because of my long time everyday habit I did go to Yoga today and it was an amazing practice.  Just what I needed to create the energy and healing to have a great day.  I have learned over the years that in order to have energy you need to create it.  You do that by providing your body with the fuel it needs.

Fuel can look like sleep, adequate hydration, good for you food, and most importantly a good positive attitude.  Sometimes for what ever reason one or more of those important pieces of fuel are depleted.  Like mine today.  My attitude was not that great, so my habit helped me get my butt there anyway.

Monday Morning Motivation #2

Another interesting thing happened at Yoga Practice today.  Next to me was a lovely young woman.  Her practice was fluid and strong.  Her energy was calm and her breathing slow and solid.  Half way through practice I looked over at her and I could not believe my eyes!!  She was doing all this and she without her left hand!!! WOW WOW!  Tears in my eyes….

She was perfect and powerful and dong it with only one hand.  I was incredibly humbled and also very impressed.  As a Doctor of structure I can only begin to imagine the fortitude, the healing both emotionally and physically  and persistence it has taken for her to develop such a beautiful practice.

She is a clear example that you can, everyone can if they choose it.  She reminded me that the Power of Habit, The Power of Motavation, and the Power of Not Giving up even when you are feeling blah are important attributes for a healthy life.

I don’t think I will ever forget the reminder I received today.

My hope in sharing this story is that it will motivate you to keep on going for it!!

Have a happy healthy week

Dr Pia