Important and Exciting Updates

As most of you know it has been a busy and life changing time for me this past few months. With that being said we have some important and exciting updates to share.

  1. My Book “Building Healthy Humans” became an international best seller!!

    It is still sinking in that this happened.  Thank you to everyone who contributed and a special huge thanks to all who wrote such wonderful reviews on Amazon.  These reviews helped get the book into the hands of  more new moms looking for a balanced and beautiful pregnancy.  We will be continuing our efforts to get the word out by guest blogging, speaking and collaborating with as many people as we can, so that we support the next generation of new babies.

  2. Reset and Recharge

    All this effort has left me feeling a little depleted so I am going to take my own advice and take a much needed vacation October 31st – November 6th to recharge so I can be rested and ready for what will be a busy end to the year. I will be back in the office November 7th.

  3. Virtual Nutrition Visits

    We have had lots of requests from patients regarding our P21 purification program. Many of these patients live either in another state or the drive to the office is just too far.  To accommodate this need we now offer Virtual Nutrition Visits.  They can be booked online using the online booking tool. You can also book one of these visits if you have a health challenge, can’t come into the office and would like a consult.

  4. Price Increase

    We have been able to avoid a price increase by keeping the practice small and nibble and we hope of high value. More than ever as we grow we want to continue to offer great care and great customer service.  We have asked the person behind the scenes who makes all it all work so well to take on some additional tasks.  Effective immediately we will have a slight price increase to the regular office visit to help us  to continue to offer great service and make sure we are staying up on current trends and technologies.

  5. New Patients Visits

  6. We value your referrals of friends, co workers and family members.  To better serve them we  have restructured our New Patient Visit to also include the second visit. On the second visit we go over the Report of Findings and provide a more detailed Plan for better health. By making this change we encourage all our new patients to see that partnership and a commitment to health are the keys to not only a life free of disease but a sustainable life of good health.

Have a happy and healthy week and be sure to read last weeks Blog Post on The Keto Diet

Dr Pia