Healthy Travel Habits

The summer solstice is the official start to the busy travel season.  With that comes a ton of different challenges.  The trip planning, the packing, the travel itself, the accommodations, the food, etc etc.   Probably the most important thing though, is  how do you  stay healthy as  part of this process?  How do you avoid the the common travel maladies and fully enjoy this precious time together? You develop some key Healthy Tavel Habits.

My Top Six  Healthy Travel Habits

  1. Make sure you are fully hydrated.  I can’t stress this enough! Being in a plane for any length of time sucks out all of the moisture out of your body. (I know some of hate to bother the person in the seat next to you and get up to use the rest room??? Please bother them!! ).  Spending time in an airtight hotel room and then perhaps more time in the sun also dehydrates the body. Drinking water helps the body flush out toxins, bugs and bacteria.  Bottom line always travel with a big bottle of water.  It saved us recently when we were stuck in a plane for eight and half hours due to weather and they had not water on the plane.
  2. Pack nutritious food for the trip.  Don’t eat anything that they offer on the plane.  It is never good for you (think MSG and massive amounts of preservatives) and it’s expensive.  I know this is an extra step that can add to the planning piece but so worth the effort. If you are going a long distance say 5 hours or more, then make time to eat before you get on the plane.
  3. Before you book your accommodations do a quick search to see if there are options close by for healthy food.  Either to buy for your mini fridge or take out or eat in.  This is also a good time to review what is available on site at the place you are going to stay.
  4. Sink into the time zone you are going to.  Get on that time schedule as soon as you can to avoid issues with sleep.  Going for a walk in nature after the flight is also helpful.
  5. Take you favorite natural cleaner.  A good overall cleaner that handles multiple tasks is the Thieves brand by Young Living. I like their oil and wipes.
  6. Also don’t forget to pack your digestive support supplements.  Enzymes if you have eaten something that didn’t digest well, HCL/Betaine if you consumed too much protein and probiotics to ensure you have plenty of good bugs to ward off any not so good bugs.  Last but certainly not least you might also want to throw in some Liver Support for those days when maybe you consumed too much alcohol.

Buy HIGH Quallity Travel Support Supplements

I have provided the links above to some of my favorite travel supplements to help you with your healthy travel habits. They are easy to purchase high quality products at a discounted rate.  You can also go to and click on the products link and search that way too if you like.

There are kid friendly options available too.

I know we covered a lot of ground.  My hope is that these simple healthy travel habits ensure you and your family have an amazing Healthy  Summer Holiday with tons of great memories and experiences to share for many years to come.

I hope you come back rejuvenated and healthier then before you left.  Take care

Have a healthy week

Dr Pia