A Healthy Thanksgiving

A healthy thanksgiving

As I wrote the title for this weeks blog, I thought hmmm does anyone care about having a Healthy Thanksgiving? Is it one of the few days in year when all bets are off and we over indulge in sugar, carbs,  not so great fats and alcohol?

The problem for most of us is that Thanksgiving  is the start of a long holiday season where one day of poor choices can lead to another and another and before you know it a month has gone by and then we are all the way to New Year, or no wait! Super Bowl.  February has become the new January and you find yourself trying to recover from a few months of overindulging instead of one day.

This year choose to  make some simple changes to this year’s Thanksgiving Day so that it can be a more nourishing event for you and your family.

Our Top Ten Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving:

  1. Choose a Turkey that is Free Range and Antibiotic Free
  2. Choose to make your food from scratch and  pass on  the cans and packets of ready made anything
  3. Choose to limit the number of sides and make them mostly from Veggies
  4. Choose to keep things simple and only use good fats
  5. Choose to forgo carb heavy stuffing and add Celery, Carrots, Onions, Sage, Thyme and Rosemary in it’s natural form to your bird
  6. Choose to swap the mashed potatoes with gravy for simply grilled or roasted Yams dressed in olive oil, sea salt and your choice of anti inflammatory spices, like turmeric, cumin or curry powder.
  7. Choose to add a big green leafy salad
  8. Choose to skip the added sugar anything and limit deserts
  9. Choose to make it all about reconnecting with Family
  10. Choose to move your feet before you eat and sign up for a local turkey trot. 


Have a happy and healthy thanksgiving with your family and friends that are like family and if you do happen to over indulge, choose to limit the damage to one day and get back to taking care of our mind body and soul.

My best Dr Pia