Four Intentions to live a good life

Every month I take a  70 minute road trip to Laguna to workshop  and mastermind with my mentor and fellow Doctors.  I always learn a bunch of clinical applications and I learn  how to be the best Doctor I can be for my patients.   I also use these trips to listen to podcasts and learn from others in the Health and Wellness space.

The most recent Podcast  featured Deepak Chopra. During the podcast he provided his four intentions for a fulfilling and soulful life.  Such a good reminder during these challenging times that we need tools to help us navigate the 24/7 world we live.

Please enjoy this excerpt or click the link to listen to the whole show. (FYI It’s long)

The mindbodygreen podcast.  Here, we recount one of the highlights from our conversation, when Chopra dived into the four intentions that guide his every action.

Over my life, I’ve figured out that these are the four intentions that I need to work toward. I guarantee that if you follow them, everything else will fall into place for you too:

1. Joyful, energetic body.

The first is joyful, energetic body, so I don’t do anything to hurt my body. I’m doing yoga, eating a plant-based diet, and walking 10,000 steps a day. Avoid toxins: That means a toxic environment but also toxic people and toxic jobs—anything that brings illness into the body.

2. Loving, compassionate heart.

The second is a loving, compassionate heart. Everybody wants love. All you have to do is practice the four A’s: attention (be a good listener), acceptance (don’t try to change people unless they want advice from you), appreciation (notice others for the good that they do), affection (care for others). Doing these things will make those around you feel good, and it will make you feel good in your own body as well.

3. Quiet, alert mind.

The third is a reflective, quiet, alert mind. Notice I didn’t say a positive mind. Positive minds can be very turbulent, and I know a lot of people who are exasperatingly positive. To me that’s almost another kind of stress. But a quiet mind is very interesting: When your mind is reflective and alert, you have access to intuition, creativity, vision, and imagination. The right things come to you at the right moment without any anticipation or regrets. Your life is kind of in a state of flow because your mind is quiet.

4. Lightness of being.

The last step is lightness of being, which is really living with no resistance, no anticipation, no regrets, just this moment. It’s alive. That’s the highest experience you can have because with that lightness of being comes what people call flow, peak experiences, transcendence…a surrender to mystery. After all, it’s all a mystery. There’s no explanation for our existence or awareness of existence. There’s no explanation for you and me being here right now because there’s no explanation for the Universe. There’s no within; there’s no without. There’s just you as being. The rest is a story.

By this logic, I define success first as the progressive realization of worthy goals—goals that will bring happiness and joy to you and others. Second, it’s the ability to love and find compassion. Third, it’s to discover who you really are. Most people can’t answer the simple question, “Who am I?” They give you their name, which is another construct. Anybody can name you anything. But if you want more purpose, fulfillment, and optimal health, you need to live by these principles and tune into yourself on a deeper level.

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Have a great week

Dr Pia