I started seeing Dr Martin about 5 years ago for continuing back issues, and continued seeking her advice when living in Oregon. 

I recently moved back to San Diego and while the move and all the things that go along with moving, I let my self get very run down and my back was in bad shape. I went to see Dr. Martin and she adjusted my back but also advised me to try a purification program, as I was experiencing thyroid issues, bloating, acne among other things. 

I agreed to do the purification program ( I really wanted to feel better) I began the journey just after the first on the year so I knew that i would not be tempted with holiday foods and treats. 

The first thing that I noticed was that after the first two days I was feeling more energetic. Then after the first week I had lost almost 10 pounds, over the next couple of weeks my skin, nails and hair started to look so much healthier. 

I lost the bloating and I was able to get a better nights sleep. I feel great. In all I improved my digestion, my pain, and lost inches of my waist and hips. So glad I did this for my body. 

Thanks so much!  Cami