Fabulous Testimonial

I have one for Dr. Pia.
“I was feeling completely out of whack after my Mexico trip, mentally
and physically. I hadn’t seen Pia in a couple of months. So, one day
last week, I woke up with a serious kink in my neck one morning. I
posted a message on her facebook page that said something like, ‘My neck
is killing me.’ She said, “Can you come in at 11?’ Well, I was happy to
go in, and she said that my back was more crooked than it had ever been
before. The vertebrae that sends the nerve to my stomach was badly out
of line. It was really interesting to me that when she put that
particular vertebrae in place, about one second later, my stomach made a
load growl. She retorted, ‘Funny how that works.’ As she worked up my
spine, Pia discovered that my neck was out in about 3 places too. I had
lingering soreness for about a day, and then my body returned to its
natural balance. I feel so much better. She also said to me that I need
to think of exercise (yoga) as something that I NEED to do in order to
keep up with my work demands (sitting if front of a computer). I get so
much insight from Pia, and guess what…she dropped her prices too! Who
does that???”