Clean and Mean

I want to thank Dr. Pia for transforming my health and well being. I am 38, married, sedentary and 214lbs woman with a 170lb husband. I was stressed out, stress eating and nowhere near the sexy woman my husband fell in love with 6 years ago. When I called Dr. Pia at a very hopeless time in my life to do her purification program I knew if anyone could help me she could. What I did not know is that I would feel hopeful, lighter, more confident and healthy in 21 days. After 21 days of the amazing food from the earth, willpower, and Dr. Pia’s encouragement I am 20lbs lighter, 20 points lower on my blood pressure and no longer in the obese BMI category. Hope has been restored. I feel like a new woman on a healthy road towards 40, going down a lighted path towards a lifetime of wellness. Just to be in Dr. Pia’s presence is inspiring to me and kept me going. I am now hula hooping at home daily, less stressed, caffeine free, mostly alcohol free, and celebrating my 1 year anniversary of cigarette free and sooo thankful. My husband ate fast food for 21 days while I was on the cleanse and has thus given up fast food. Hooray for Farmers Markets! Thank you Dr. Pia for leading the way by example. SM