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I would like your help and support. Gosh it is hard to ask for help. Big breath in and Big breath  out….

Here goes…I have a big hairy goal to Change a Generation one Pregnancy at a time.  Some of you know that I have been on this mission for a while now. That mission has led me to write a simple easy to read book. The book is called BUILDING HEALTHY HUMANS – Your guide to a beautiful and balanced pregnancy for a happy healthy baby.

How you can help me CHANGE A GENERATION

A kindle version of BUILDING HEALTH HUMANS is available on Amazon starting today for 2 weeks for the ridiculous price of 99 cents.

  1. Please buy it, read it (easy and short) and review it. Thanks in advance. I am most grateful.
  2. Tell everyone you know that is thinking about becoming pregnant or is pregnant to buy the book while it is at this special price.
  3. Shamefully say good things about the book on social media with a link to the book so we can get the word out and create a massive movement.
  4. Share the podcast interview with Dr Jay Warren.

Thank you for being part of the BBH Change a Generation Movement.

Below is an excerpt from the Conclusion part of the Book.

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child

We hope we have answered most of the questions that arise when you are thinking about having a baby, or are currently pregnant and looking for what is best for you and your baby.

We also hope we have answered some of your concerns and challenges if you are postpartum and currently breastfeeding your baby.

We hope we did this in a straightforward and easy-to-understand format. That was our goal. We didn’t want to decide your choices for you; we wanted you and your family to be informed to be able to think about the choices you make and then consciously decide what is best for you all.

We wanted you to understand that having a balanced and beautiful pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby is all about the choices that you as parents or soon-to-be parents make each and every day. If what I said connected with you, then I know future generations will benefit from your attention and care, not only now, but also for the rest of their lives.

It’s not about being perfect, which is very stressful, by the way.
It’s about being mindful and living in the moment. I know groundbreaking technologies will continue to try to make our lives longer and easier. However, what I hope is that what you take away from this book is that our lives also need to have balance and quality.

You need to get back to simple principals like whole, unprocessed foods, clean water, being in nature, having a sense of community, and exercise. These principals and actions are necessary to offset our 24/7 high-tech world.

If you want future generations to have a high quality of life, then you are called to do your part. It is our responsibility as parents to guide our children to make healthy life choices and for them to continue those practices with their children.

Today’s technology via the study of epigenetics has confirmed that those simple experiments Dr. Pottenger conducted so many years ago on the cats are right, and what you eat, drink, and think has a long-lasting impact on our offspring and future generations.

Thank you so much for reading this book. It has been a labor of love for me to take this long-held idea and put it into words.

I hope what I have said changes the way you think about the future, and I also hope you share this message with family and friends.

Namaste and Thanks