6 Wellness Tips for Summer Travel

It is Summer! The time of the year when a lot of us need a little or a lot of R & R and we make plans to travel for a summer vacation.

To make the most of your time with family and friends in faraway places, you’ll need to hit the road in good health and keep immunity strong throughout your trip.

Here are  6 wellness tips to help maintain good  health during  your getaway

When we’re headed out on vacation, most of us find ourselves scrambling to try to finish everything that needs to be done before we go. To make time to do it all when there seemingly aren’t enough hours in the day, we’ll often shortchange ourselves on exercise or sleep and maybe get a little lazy with our diets. In a word: Don’t—that is, if you plan to enjoy your vacation and not be sick while you’re on it. If anything, you should keep up your wellness game so you are the best shape to enjoy your time with family and friends.

The Wellness Road Warrior Kit

One of the refreshing things about going somewhere else is that it’s not just like home, but that also means that it may be tough to get hold of certain health-supportive items when you need them. To attend to minor health discomforts along the way, take a tip from the Boy Scouts and be prepared, with your own drug-free “medicine” kit.

Energy: Powdered greens packets, for energy and to help combat jet lag.
Immunity: I also like to have antioxidants  Vitamin A and C on hand to help with free radical damage from the toxic environment we find on planes and hotel rooms.
Stress: Adaptogens and Stress Support, to help ease travel stress and anxiety.
Stuffy Nose : Elderberry extract, a naturally anti-viral herb, to fend off sniffles from colds or allergies. I also like to pack a natural anti histamine like Antronex from SP to help with allergies and support Liver Detox

Digestive Distress: Bitters,  and Digestive enzymes to help soothe upset stomachs and aid digestion. I also like to take a probiotic at night time to keep the gut flora healthy

Sleep: Magnesium, to help fall asleep a little faster in the new time zone and to help with sluggish digestion

Have a great time on your summer vacation.  Take the time to also Detox your Digital time and really focus on being present with your loved ones and allowing yourself  some time to let your mind wander and explore possibilities.  We often seem to focus on food, exercise and supplements but rarely do we acknowledge thoughts, feelings and the power of consciousness.  A true vacation means that we renew mind body and spirit.

Have a healthy week

Dr Pia