New Moon In Leo and the Solar Eclipse

Since the solar eclipse falls during the time when the new Moon is in Leo, it’s thought to carry with it an energy of confidence, leadership, and play. Openhearted Leo is a fire sign, which is about action and adventure and a time to take bold and exciting creative risks. Leo is also the ruler of the heart and spine. At a time when the world is filled with political unrest and bravado, it’s time for some true heroes to emerge—with plenty of “backbone” and a whole lot of love.

Making the most of this year’s Leo new moon and total solar eclipse:

Please enjoy these tips from the Astrotwins.

1. Make self-promotion a spiritual practice.

The term itself gets a bad rap, but let’s face it: In this overcrowded marketplace, the squeaky wheel often gets the oil. There are a lot of people hyping themselves up who don’t have the goods, true. But there are also a lot of wonderful, worthy products and services that never see the light of an audience simply because they’re not properly marketed.  Clarify and spread your message in a conscious, authentic way.

Showy Leo loves attention, and hey, there’s no shame in that. If what you’re offering adds value and inspiration to someone’s life, then why not shout it from the rooftops? You never know when your story could open another person’s eyes or give them the validation they’ve been seeking.

2. Dare to be vulnerable.

At this Leo new moon, dare to be vulnerable and wear your heart on your sleeve! Why hold back your true feelings about someone you admire? Or pretend you don’t love something that’s not considered “cool” by the self-appointed tastemakers of the world? What’s really cool is to be unapologetically yourself.

3. Make your passions a priority.

Is there anything in your life you’ve said yes to but your soul is just meh about…or even a resounding no? Stop doing it already! There are not enough hours in the day to give your precious creative energy to something that drains your spirit. At the Leo new moon, seek fresh avenues of inspiration that are aligned with your deepest desires.

4. Stand up for what’s right.

Leo is the sign of courage and backbone, and this new moon prompts us to get brave. Have you been making excuses, backing down or wimping out? Maybe good old-fashioned fear has disguised itself as a perfectly reasonable excuse to avoid taking a risk or pursuing what you REALLY desire. And now, you’re being challenged—should you walk the plank or back down? The Leo moon says, if you want it, pounce! Your willingness to fight for your desires is the first catalyzing step.

5. Rise to your own occasion.

Ego and pride are the shadow side of Leo’s expression, but a healthy sense of self can strike just the right balance. We’re not suggesting you blow hot air or talk yourself up to be bigger than you are. But frankly, most people (with the exception of a few notable narcissists) ARE bigger than we really imagine ourselves to be. Find at least one thing to celebrate yourself for—in as grand a way as you can! Write it down—or make a whole list. As a fun bonus exercise, sit down with a few friends and take turns acknowledging one another. Nothing feels better than vocally appreciating people who deserve to hear it.

6. Free your inner child.

Playful Leo is all about awe and childlike wonder. Dedicate this week to FUN. Skip down the street, build a sand castle, do an art project with kids (or friends!), make homemade ice pops. Adults get so jaded, thinking we know it all, that we’ve been there, done that. Where can you add a sense of discovery to your life?

I am an Aquarian and one of my major traits is not to sit back a little. I think I am going to embrace a little Leo energy this next week and beyond.

Have a healthy week and in the spirt of new beginnings we have a group detox starting soon. Mark your calendars for September 8th.

Dr Pia