Natural Alternatives to Good Health

Happy Earth Day!

The best thing that you can do for yourself and the planet is to eat real food found in nature, the second is to fill in the gaps with whole food supplements and herbs.  Can you imagine if we all did that… the impact would be HUGE!

Anyway this article is about who to incorporate more natural products into your life.

I see patients  from all over the USA and many are on a long list of prescribed medications. And while there are many cases where these medications are life-saving, the majority of the time they are unnecessary and are contributing to a slew of uncomfortable side effects.

Therefore, it is my job to provide people with diet, lifestyle, natural health products and education as to why medication isn’t their only option. Now, I’m not saying to go off your medication without doctor’s supervision- however, I am letting you know that we can support repair and improve function.

So let’s take a look at what natural health products are and why they might be the better choice for you.

Why you might consider natural health products

Most doctors trained in the mainstream model of healthcare have learned to diagnose a disease and match it with the corresponding medication. While that might be a win for pharmaceutical companies, this medicinal matching game can leave many people frustrated when nothing changes about their health except for a growing list of prescription drugs.

In natural functional medicine, we aim to address the root cause of why you are going through health problems in the first place and come up with solutions that have the greatest healing potential with the least amount of side effects. If you fit any of the criteria below, natural health products are probably the best choice for you.

     1. Reactions to medications 

Since alternative health products contain natural components found in nature and in our own bodies, they offer very little (if any) side effects. If you have had negative reactions to medications in the past (weight gain, digestive distress, etc.) alternative health products could be a good option for you.

     2. Want a healthier lifestyle

Even if you aren’t dealing with a specific health problem, natura health products are a great choice to optimize your health. The reality is, we are either trending toward disease or health, and natural health products can help you maintain your wellbeing so you don’t reach a point where pharmaceutical drugs are necessary.

What’s included in natural health products

Natural health products encompass a wide variety of supplements such as:

  • Probiotics
  • Enzymes
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Herbs

They are often sold directly through functional medicine practitioners or at vitamin shops and health food stores. I must say here that the quality of what you are taking is important!

Because alternative health products contain compounds found in nature and our own bodies, they can help replenish any deficiencies and restore optimal function to different areas of the body by influencing pathways involved in

  • Skin health and appearance
  • Digestive distress
  • Immune function
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Brain and cognitive problems
  • Nutrient deficiencies

Natural Alternatives to Good Health

With so many alternative health products on the market, it’s difficult to know exactly what brands are reliable and will give you the results you are looking for. That’s why I recommend  high-quality supplements from the earth’s finest ingredients to help you achieve thriving health. 

     1. Digestive Support

You are what you absorb.  Even if you are eating a healthy diet, if you are under stress… who is not?  Then it is likely that you are not digesting the foods you eat very well.  Poor digestion can lead to a whole host of problems which is why I put this first.  Adequate stomach acid is also a first line defense mechanism for all kinds of pathogens and bugs.

These two supplements are my go to: Zypan and Enzycore.  For more complex challenges please make an appointment online to discuss.

     2. Adrenal Support

Both Drenamin and Ashwagandha (herbal alternative)  help your body adapt and recover from the effects of everyday stress. These adaptogens and nutrients works together to support healthy cortisol levels, alleviate occasional fatigue, promote mental clarity, and support relaxation and restful sleep.

     3. Antioxidants

Designed to optimize cellular health.  I like think of them as trash collectors. They help the body recover and provide nutrients to fight against aging for a life-long radiant, youthful glow. Cataplex AC, Cataplex E, Zinc, and Trace Minerals B12

     4. Anti Inflammatory

My favorites in this category are Olprima EPA/ DHA, Turmeric Forte and Boswellia Complex. The quality of these products is impeccable and with our constant exposure to Toxic chemicals we need these guys to help improve our defense systems.

     5. Sunshine in a Bottle

Every cell in your body needs vitamin D and vitamin K2 to thrive. We have already seen all the data in the last 2-3 years just how important it is to have adequate Vita D levels.  I supplement a little in the summer just to make sure I have levels of 80-90 and then increase in the winter.  Even if you supplement your Vita D, please get outside .. a little sunshine is so good for us.

     6. Energy and Metabolic Support

The B vitamins are key drivers of metabolic health and also have a huge role in the methylation pathway in the Liver. B vitamins also help stabilize blood sugar and improve energy balance.  If you follow a plant based diet then you need to fill in the B Vitamin Gap.  Cataplex B, Cataplex B core are two if you are OK with animal.  If not then Super B from Apex is great and I like this one for prenatal health! Need B’s to build a baby.

I couldn’t finish this article without taking about Magnesium. Along with Zinc it is one of the top mineral deficiencies world wide.  Everybody needs a little magnesium.

To purchase any of the recommendations listed above you can use your patient direct account and My Code: W8MJSC or go to FULLSCRIPT

As always if you need support or my advice please do not hesitate to reach out.

It is my mission that we all live healthier lives

Happy Earth Day!    

Dr Pia