Diets and Choosing to Heal

There are a number of different kinds of diets that are popular right now and a host of transformational stories from people that have had life changing results on these diets.  Why does one diet like Keto or Paleo work for one person and not for another?  Why do some folks swear by a vegan diet and others feel awful without plenty of good fats and some animal protein???

The answer lies in the fact  that while we are all the same we are all unique.  We are all human and that being the case, shouldn’t there be one way of eating that optimizes our species?  You would think so right?  However that is not the case.  We are the sum of all of our life’s experiences  from pre-conception to where we are now.

 Epigenetics  is the expression of  the sum of our  life’s experiences

Epigenetics is our environment, the how we live our lives.  The choices we make on a moment to moment basis every day.  It is also the events  and exposures we have experienced. It is the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, the thoughts we think, the supplements we take, the quality of our sleep, our purpose,  and so on…  We think that if we just found the right diet or supplement we would lose weight, we would be happy etc etc..right?

Diets are great for helping us reset, get back on track, get a fresh start, however not sustainable unless we change our relationship with food and choose to nourish ourselves.

Eating with awareness and making choices consciously is the magic to a true healthy relationship with food.

People that have had success with a variety of different diets learned to love and nourish themselves, choose consciously, change their relationship with food and learn what was right for them longterm.

You can’t heal a body you hate. It is hard to make nourishing choices when you have negative thoughts.  It is also tough to be in the present moment when you are worried about the future.

You can get your macronutrients perfect, eat the healthiest foods, and become a perfect fat burning machine, however if your relationship with yourself (body) is unhealthy then you will not enjoy all that life has to offer.

True sustainable wellness is about loving yourself enough to nourish yourself mind, body and spirit. 

Have a healthy week and I would love to hear from you.  What is your best health tip for staying well.

Dr Pia