The New Energy Crisis

Exxon and BP have nothing on your body when it comes to producing crucial energy. But what happens when the tank is low and you need a lift– and there’s nothing in your reserves?

Low energy. Foggy thinking. Sleeplessness when you’re supposed to be asleep, and drowsiness when you need to be alert. Going down the list of symptoms attributed to adrenal fatigue is like reading a diary of how I’ve been feeling lately. Irritable. Check. Anxious. Check. Sluggish. Check. Until now, I just thought these were side effects of several months of heavy deadlines and personal obligations that were wearing me out and stretching me thin.

And maybe they are.

Then again, maybe I’m suffering from adrenal fatigue, a little-known, highly controversial, nonclinical diagnosis of all the above symptoms and then some, blamed on malfunctioning adrenal glands due to prolonged periods of stress. For more click this link :