Find Out if Your Thyroid is Healthy

Find Out if your Thyroid is Healthy

We have been talking a lot about Metabolism the last few weeks and how it relates to physical health, emotional health and about having the right fuel at the right time for consistent energy.  One of the key glands as it relates to Energy production and Metabolic health is the Thyroid.

It directly impacts your BMR. (Your Basal Metabolic Rate.) You often notice the energy shifts long before you are diagnosed with a thyroid condition.

Why the Thyroid is Key to Health

Many of you know I am a fan of Dr Harrower an Endocrinologists from the 1930’s. I have his chart on the wall in my office and I use it as a teaching tool.  Well the Thyroid sits in the middle of that chart and has a direct impact on how the Pituitary Gland ( master) the Adrenals (Stress) The Reproductive Glands. (Fertility) The Pancreas (Blood Sugar) The Liver ( Detox Plus) The Parathyroid ( Bones and calcium) The Pineal ( Sleep ) and more.. function.  The Endocrine glands work together by either turning on or off as needed in order to keep you in good health.

Harrower Said” No tissue is able to escape the results of an impoverished Thyroid”

It is kind of a big deal that we nourish the Thyroid.  Did you know that the Thyroid is very vascular and that 5-7 quarts of blood flow through the thyroid 3X per hour.  That is why Brain Fog is a symptom that the gland is not working well… The blood carries oxygen to all the organs including the Brain.

I use this mini quiz below as a teaching tool and I wanted to share it with you as I thought it might answer some of your questions, provide insights and encourage you to seek support if you have a Thyroid Challenge.

Find out if Your Thyroid is Healthy

Take our Mini Thyroid Assessment Test

SYMPTOMS – SECTION ONE                     Mark 0 Never to 1 – 2 – 3 Always

0-1-2-3-  On edge all the time
0-1-2-3.  Can’t gain weight
0-1-2-3.  Intolerance to heat
0-1-2-3.  Highly Emotional
0-1-2-3   Flush easily
0-1-2-3.  Night Sweats
0-1-2-3.  Thin moist skin
0-1-2-3.  Inward Trembling… Check Hypo-glycemic tendencies too
0-1-2-3.  Heart Races
0-1-2-3.  Eyelids and face twitches. … Could be a B Vitamin need too
0-1-2-3.  Can’t work under pressure
0-1-2-3.  Irritable or restless … check Liver

Score: >8 – Hyperthyroid – Here is what I Recommend for basic support.

Thytrophin PMG, Antronex, Drenamin, Ashwagandha Forte :

I also recommend a complete Thyroid Panel. We offer very low prices on these labs as they are not offered conventionally unless you are outside of the very wide range.  So if you are struggling with symptoms and want to know your markers then I suggest a full panel:  Cost is $85.00

Text me or email and I will sent you a requisition form for the LAB.                                                                PH: 214 8696404:

SYMPTOMS – SECTION TWO                                     Mark 0 Never to 1 – 2 – 3 Always

0-1-2-3.    Increased weight gain
0-1-2-3-   Fatigue easily and Sleepy during the day
0-1-2-3.   Ringing in the ears
0-1-2-3.   Brittle Nails
0-1-2-3.   Heavy Menses
0-1-2-3.   Dry Skin: Itchy, eczema, psoriasis. ( check Liver too)
0-1-2-3.   Constipation
0-1-2-3.   Foggy brain and mental sluggishness
0-1-2-3.   Tension headache upon rising that wears off during the day
0-1-2-3.   Slow pulse rate
0-1-2-3.   Reduced initiative and Low Mood
0-1-2-3    Cold Hands and feet and sensitive to Cold
0-1-2-3.   Low blood sugar: Hypoglycemia: Or Insulin Resistant
0-1-2-3.   Hair Loss
0-1-2-3.   Loss of the Lateral Eyebrow
0-2-3-     Feeling of Fullness in the Neck or difficulty swallowing
0-1-2-3.  Hoarse Voice
0-1-2-3.  Joint Pain and Muscle aches

Score: > 8 – Hypothyroid – We recommend this for support.
Thytrophin PMG, Cat C, Cat F , Trace Min B12, Thyroid Complex:

We also recommend a Complete Thyroid Panel.  Many Hypothyroid cases are actually Autoimmune Thyroid (Hashimoto) and therefore you most likely cycle between Hyper Thyroid and Hypo Thyroid and that is why even when you are on Medication in can see like you can never get the dose quite right.

In this case we also need to look more closely at your immune function and we would add Immune Support and Thyroid support  Rehmania Complex, Immuplex,  or Immune Packs, Thytophin PMG, Omega 3.


All the Supplements I have recommended are made from Concentrated Whole Foods and or Plants so they are a good first step in supporting your Diet. The other things I would suggest as a first step are: Remove Sugar, Remove Gluten, and add in healthy Fats. Sounds simple right however often the easiest things to do are the most difficult.  Start with the basics and then if you continue to have symptoms reach out and get the support you need from a professional.  Someone who knows how the  dots are connected and can help you with your unique situation.

Have a healthy week, please share with anyone who could use the knowledge and sleep well

Dr Pia