Top 8 Food Allergies

Food allergies

What are the top 8 food allergies and how do they usually present as symptoms in our bodies?

I am not taking about an ER visit that often presents as the inability to breathe but those symptoms that cause discomfort and unwanted annoying presentations.

As we age our immune system also ages.  The foods that we once consumed when we were younger that seemed to have little or no effect now present us with challenging problems that make us feel awful.

One of the many reasons, is that we have created low grade inflammation in our bodies by eating these toxic for us foods and the constant onslaught overtime has caused our  GI tract to become leaky. Or perhaps we never noticed that once in a while symptom that now has become a constant problem?

There are two types of immune responses:  Immediate and Delayed.

Immediate responses: present as a rash, itchy skin, sleepy after food, headaches, bowel changes, foggy brain, sneezing, and a stuffy nose.

Delayed responses present as a achy joints, excema, bacterial overgrowth, virus and parasites.

Here are the Top 8 Food Allergies with some of the more common symptoms:

Wheat (gluten): GI symptoms like bloating, constipation, diarrhea and pain.

Corn:  Brain Fog and Frontal Headaches

Soy: Acne and Rosacea

Milk / Dairy (casein): Respiratory symptoms.

Chocolate:  Migraines

Peanuts:  Blood sugar swings and rash

Shellfish and Fish  round out the top 8.

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Guess who woke up with a stuffy nose on Monday Morning??? All it took was one maybe two little bites…

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